November 30, 2022

Linguistically Responsive Classrooms Instructors Series (LRCIS) returns for a second year

Registration for the series is now open through to December 2, 2022.

SFU instructors are gaining new insights into how to support English as an Additional Language (EAL) students and the role they play in supporting the university’s inclusion strategy, thanks to the Centre for Educational Excellence’s Linguistically Responsive Classrooms Instructors Series (LRCIS). 

“My eyes were opened to a lot of different ways in which language can trip up EAL students, and I was inspired by the many ways that people can approach removing these stumbling-blocks” (Anonymous, Evaluation Form). 

LRCIS is a six-session blended program. In this evidence-based series, participants work with a cohort of instructor colleagues to explore and reflect on current theory and practical exemplars that support multilingual student success.

Participating in this series raised faculty members' awareness about the central role language plays in the classroom.

 “While I have always been aware of the fact that language is sometimes a barrier for my ESL students, it had not occurred to me to think about my role as an instructor in mitigating this barrier” (Faculty Member 1, Engineering, Discussion Post Week 2).

Program participants noted that they feel more equipped to support students as a result of what they learned.

“I have a more comprehensive understanding of SFU goals regarding inclusivity and multilingualism and how these efforts can be turned into specific actions in the classroom or in the curriculum” (Anonymous, Evaluation Form).

Registration for the series is now open through to December 2, 2022.  See here.

For questions, please contact Fiona Shaw, Associate Director, at