November 21, 2019

Photo gallery: 5th Annual DEMOfest

Photos by Duane Woods, Centre for Educational Excellence

DEMOfest presenters Tara Immell (Beedie School of Business) and Claudia Wong (linguistics) shared stories about their use of blended learning and online homework systems to improve student learning.

How are SFU faculty members using technology-supported teaching approaches to improve student learning? On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, instructors from almost every Faculty came together at the Diamond Alumni Centre to share their successes, their setbacks, and the lessons they learned along the way at the 5th Annual DEMOfest. Here’s what the day looked like.

Presenters, including Michael Filimowicz (interactive arts and technology), …

…engaged in rich conversation about the ins and outs of tools like Canvas and Crowdmark with attendees such as Randall Pyke (mathematics).

Of course, a conversation about technology wouldn't be complete without an appearance by the Ironman of classroom makerspaces, Ash Vince (education), ...

… who described how his students express their knowledge of course concepts by creating objects.

One major discussion thread concerned the possibilities opened up by various tools, approaches and resources. For example, Danielle Murdoch (criminology) highlighted the way in which dynamic graphics in her online course fostered interactivity, …

... Paul Hibbitts (computing science) described how allowing students to participate in writing their own exam questions increased their engagement and learning, …

... and Atousa Hajshirmohammadi (engineering science) explained how her use of "tangible," experiential lab assignments strengthened students' understanding of core concepts.

Some words of welcome from Elizabeth Elle (associate vice-president, learning and teaching) helped set the thoughtful and open tone of the day.


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