Effective Intercultural Communication

This course is delivered by Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in partnership with CELLTR.

Effective Intercultural Communication:  September 25th

Take advantage of the opportunity to take this FREE online intercultural communication course.

  • You will learn how to better navigate cultural differences at school and for the workplace.  From a recent survey to employers by AACU
  • Nearly all employers (91 percent) agree that for career success, “a candidate’s demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than his or her undergraduate major.”*
  • Nearly all employers (96 percent) agree that “all college students should have experiences that teach them how to solve problems with people whose views are different from their own.”

The course timeline is set knowing you are busy. The course is open for 6 weeks and might take about 1 hour per week. The course is instructed through videos and infographics so there is not a lot of reading.  There will be an optional conversation circle once a week for those who can find time, and wish to discuss things further in person.

This opportunity is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official University document that tracks your co-curricular involvement at SFU.

Student Testimonial

"This course has taught me to be more self-aware of my assumptions and unconscious biases that sometimes leads me to miscommunication in my everyday life. By reflecting on my own values and cultural perspective I can be more aware of how my mind filters the world around me. By being aware of other's different cultural dimensions, stories and communication styles I can reduce my communication barriers and work towards creating more inclusivity in my communities.

This is important because by working on my intercultural communication I can be more conscious of the harmful effects of stereotypes, biases and the colonial mindset. I also learned that it is important to accept and be open about the uncomfortable truths be it my own culture or other cultures. This is especially important in terms of reconciliation and intergenerational healing for our Indigenous communities and fellow Canadians.

I have struggled with these uncomfortable stories but it is important to seek truth telling to remove the barriers within our cultures. I will be sure to practice empathy, mindfulness, active witnessing and all that I have learned to engage my diverse communities with inclusion, respect and understanding. I am thankful that this course has helped decolonize my mind!"

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