Effective Intercultural Communication

February 05, 2018

This term, CELLTR is providing training in intercultural communication to International Teaching Assistants and Tutor Markers.

Given current global success indicators linked to intercultural competency, CELLTR has collaborated with SFU Continuing Studies within Lifelong Learning to offer the online course Effective Intercultural Communication (EIC), facilitated by Zoreen Nuraney. The existing 10-week International Teaching Assistant (ITA) seminar for international graduate students explores Canadian academic culture, offers presentation skills development and gives students the opportunity to improve language abilities in tutorial-style group discussions. The hope in offering the complementary online EIC course is to increase awareness of how cultural influences can affect intercultural interactions, and in turn deepen appreciation of cultural diversity. CELLTR looks forward to collaborating further with Continuing Studies to research and support ITA needs and is currently in the process of developing a model to support ITAs’ academic English language speaking skills.

Facilitator Bio

Zoreen Nuraney brings 15 years of international work-life experience to her role as Language and Culture Program Coordinator, WIL & CELLTR. With a B.Ed. in Foreign Language Teaching & Learning and an M.Ed. in Organizational Studies & Management, she has worn her educator hat in many unique settings, both in and out of the classroom. From managing the civilian deployment training program at Global Affairs Canada, and evaluating teacher training programs in Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut; to developing the K-12 performing arts program in New Delhi, and reinstituting the foreign language department at the Khorog campus of the University of Central Asia in Tajikistan, Zoreen strives to leverage her international multicultural connections and experiences to make a difference in all that she does. Having been a learner of French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Hindi, she also hopes to draw from her personal language journey in her work at CELLTR, particularly with the international TA population.


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