2022 Chancellor's Distinguished Service Award

The Chancellor’s Distinguished Service Award was presented to the student-run climate action club SFU350 at an awards celebration on Thursday, September 22 at 6:00 p.m.

The club began in 2013 with a student-led divestment campaign which called on Simon Fraser University to divest their financial holdings from all companies that extract, refine, and transport fossil fuels. Through numerous initiatives, including presentations to university stakeholders, detailed research, and direct action such as student-focused rallies, SFU350 completed their campaign in 2021 when the university announced a plan for full divestment by 2025.

SFU350 also creates a lasting impacting by advocating for climate justice in a number of other campaigns. By directly lobbying those in positions of power, SFU350 has generated impetus for positive climate-change action at the highest level. The club has an active and dedicated working group which works to ensure equity, sustainability, and Indigenous sovereignty are centered in all campaigns.

SFU350 exemplifies the values of commitment and service to the university and its communities as celebrated by this award. Their contributions towards promoting sustainability and advocacy to stop climate change serve as an inspiration to us all.