Past Honorary Degree Recipients

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The Honourable Jacob (Jack) Austin, LL.D. Retired Canadian senator and former federal cabinet minister
Dionne Brand, D.Litt. Professor and award-winning poet, novelist and essayist
Ivan Coyote, LL.D. Award winning author, storyteller and LGBTQ2S community advocate.
David Gillanders, LL.D. Real estate lawyer and founding chair of SFU Community Corporation. 
James (Jim) Hart, D.F.A. Chief, Haida artist and master carver
James Cameron Hogg, D.Sc. Physician, researcher and educator
Asma Jahangir, LL.D. Pakistani human rights lawyer and activist
Miloon Kothari, LL.D. Architect and internationally recognized human rights advocate
Robert Williams, LL.D. Urban planner and former provincial MLA and cabinet minister. 



Izzeldin Abuelaish, D.Sc. Palestinian physician and peace activist
Evan Tlesla II Adams, D.Sc. Coast Salish physician and actor
Keith Beedie, LL.D. Visionary business leader and philanthropist
Robert Bringhurst, D.Litt. Celebrated author and poet
David Gillespie, D.Sc. Award-winning SFU adjunct professor and entomologist
Evaleen Jaager Roy, LL.D. Past SFU Board Chair and business and community leader
Nigel Lockyer, D.Sc.     Internationally recognized experimental particle physicist and transformative leader
Geoffrey Massey, LL.D. Architect and co-designer of the SFU Burnaby campus
Vivienne Poy, LL.D. Former Senator of Canada and a champion of intercultural understanding
Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, LL.D. Lawyer, scholar, humanitarian and strong advocate for Aboriginal people, children and youth                           
Tamara Vrooman, LL.D. Business leader committed to equality, inclusion and empowerment
Lorna Wanosts'a7 Williams, LL.D. BC educator and former Canada Reserach Chair in Indigenous Knowledge and Learning



Jennifer Allen Simons, LL.D.
Award-winning educator, thought leader, and nuclear disarmament specialist 
Nini Baird, LL.D. Arts activist and one of Canada’s 100 most powerful women
Lorna Crozier, D.Litt. Award-winning poet, essayist and professor
Meeru Dhalwala and Vikram Vij, LL.D. Owners of several award-winning Metro Vancouver restaurants, including world-renowned Vij’s Restaurant
Judy Graves, LL.D.
Humanitarian and Vancouver’s first advocate for the homeless
Harry Gray, D.Sc.
A prize-winning chemist and founding director of the Beckman Institute at the California Institute of Technology 
Maggie Ip, LL.D. Founder of S.U.C.C.E.S.S, one of Canada’s largest multilingual and multicultural social service organizations
Sut Jhally, D.F.A.
Executive director of the Media Education Foundation, and a prolific filmmaker and author 
Ken Lum, D.F.A. World-renowned artist and educator 
Deepa Mehta, D.F.A.
Oscar-nominated screenwriter, director and producer
Bill Nye, D.Sc.
Scientist, educator, and television performer “Bill Nye the Science Guy” 
Nancy J. Turner, D.Sc.
An acclaimed ethnobotanist and ethnoecologist 



David Baines, D.Litt. An award-winning Vancouver Sun securities columnist
Rt Hon Kim Campbell, LL.D. Canada’s 19th and first female Prime Minister
Sir Mason Durie, D.Sc. An expert on Indigenous and Maori development
John Maeda, D.F.A. A leading designer recognized for intersecting graphic design, computer science, art and education
Steven Pinker, D.Sc. An experimental psychologist hailed by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people on Earth         
Ahmed Zewail, D.Sc. 1999 Nobel-laureate and pre-eminent statesman



Shabana Azmi, D.F.A. Award-winning actor and advocate for the rights of women, minorities and displaced slum-dwellers in India.
Barry Downs, LL.D. Architect and founder of DA Architects and Partners
Michael Ingham, LL.D. Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster
Jack Lee and Terry Lee, D.F.A. World renowned bagpipers
Andy MacKinnon, D.Sc. Research ecologist with the BC Forest Service
Kelvin Ogilvie, D.Sc. Canadian Senator, past president of Acadia University, member of the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame
Christine Sinclair, LL.D. Canadian soccer player and olympian
Michael Stevenson, LL.D. Political scientist and president emeritus of Simon Fraser University
John Webb, D.Sc. Doctor and director of interventional cardiology at St. Paul's Hospital



Harry Arthurs, LL.D. York University president emeritus, professor emeritus and former Osgoode Hall Law School dean
Kim Baird, LL.D. Former chief of the Tsawwassen First Nation
Glenda Gray, D.Sc. South African pediatrician
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, LL.D. Former president of India
Louise Mandell, LL.D. Vancouver lawyer in the area of Aboriginal and treaty rights law
Martha Nussbaum, D.Litt. American philosopher, classics scholar, University of Chicago faculty member
Saida Rasul, LL.D. Dentist and former member of SFU's board of governors
Jagat (Jack) Uppal, LL.D. B.C. South Asian community leader and businessman
Yosef Wosk, D.Litt. Vancouver philanthropist, scholar, educator, rabbi, community leader, businessman and former director of
Continuing Studies at SFU.



George Cohon, LL.D. McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited/McDonald’s Russia founder and creator of Ronald McDonald
House Charities of Canada/Russia
William Deverell, D.Litt. Internationally acclaimed B.C. writer, environmental activist, civil libertarian and criminal lawyer
Wendy Grant-John, LL.D. Former three-term Musqueam chief
Ian Hampton, D.F.A. Acclaimed cellist
C.S. (Buzz) Holling, D.Sc. Celebrated ecologist
Sarah McLachlan, D.F.A. Grammy and Juno Award-winning Vancouver musician, singer, songwriter and Lilith Fair founder
Pavel Pevzner, D.Sc. Widely recognized leader in the field of computational molecular biology
Ray Spaxman, LL.D. Vancouver’s director of planning from 1973-89 and a key visionary behind SFU’s UniverCity development
Robert Thirsk, D.Sc. Engineer, physician and Canadian Space Agency astronaut
Brian Williams, LL.D. 40-year veteran sportscaster considered the dean of Olympic sports broadcasting in Canada



Beverley Ann Busson, LL.D. Retired RCMP commissioner and Canada’s first female top Mountie
Pat Carney, LL.D. Former federal Senator, MP and Minister Responsible for the Canada-US free trade negotiations
Gordon F. Gibson, LL.D. Vancouver political columnist, author and former Liberal politician
Julio Montaner, D.Sc. Argentine-Canadian physician and one of the world’s leading AIDS specialists
Alexandra Morton, D.Sc. B.C. biologist and activist



Mark Angelo, D.Sc. River conservationist, teacher and writer
Louise Arbour, LL.D. Former Canadian Supreme Court justice and UN human rights high commissioner
Robin Blaser, D.Litt. SFU English professor emeritus and one of North America’s most influential poets
Stewart Blusson, D.Sc. Vancouver diamond pioneer and philanthropist
Victor Gomel, D.Sc. Professor and former head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UBC
Richard Henriquez, LL.D. Major figure in Canadian architecture and founding partner of Henriquez Partners
Rafe Mair, LL.D. Broadcast personality and political commentator
James McEwen, D.Sc. Biomedical engineer, former adjunct professor in SFU’s School of Engineering Science
Djavad Mowafaghian, LL.D. West Vancouver real estate developer and philanthropist
John Willinsky, LL.D. Stanford University education professor and pioneering "open access" champion



Nelly Auersperg, D.Sc. UBC Professor, Terry Fox Research Scientist
Iain Baxter&, D.F.A. Professor Emeritus, School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor
Cary Fowler, LL.D. Executive Director, Global Crop Diversity Trust
William Gibson, D.Litt. Writer, Science-Fiction
Rick Hansen, LL.D. President and CEO of the Rick Hansen Foundation
Michael Kirby, LL.D. Former Canadian Senator, Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada
Martha Piper, LL.D. Former UBC President
Susan Point, D.F.A. Artist
Mossadiq Umedaly, LL.D. Chairman of BC Hydro and Xantrax Technology Inc.



Larry Beasley, LL.D. Vancouver City Planner
Douglas Coupland, D.Litt.               Novelist, Playwright, Visual Artist
Marguerite Ford, LL.D. Community Planner, Former Vancouver City Councillor
Ray Hyman, D.Sc. Parapsychology Critic, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Oregon at Eugene
Stephen Jarislowsky, LL.D. Philanthropist
Richard Lipsey, LL.D. Economist, SFU Professor Emeritus
Terry Snutch, D.Sc. Molecular Biologist
Eleanor Wachtel, D.Litt. Writer, CBC Radio Broadcaster



Alan Astbury, D.Sc. Professor Emeritus, UVic, Former Director, TRIUMPH Laboratory
Monique Begin, LL.D. Former federal Minister of Health
Costa Gavras, D.F.A. Distinguished filmmaker
Christopher Gaze, D.F.A. Actor, Shakespearan                                 
Allan King, D.F.A. Distinguished filmmaker
Robert A. Mundell, LL.D. Economist and Nobel Prize Winner (1999)
Rudy North, LL.D. Founder, Phillips, Hagar and North
Nancy Olivieri, D.Sc. Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Toronto
Lui Passaglia, LL.D. SFU Alumnus, former BC Lion
Maria Tippett, D.Litt. SFU Alumna, Canadian author



Michael Audain, LL.D. Chair/CEO, Polygon Homes Ltd., patron of the arts
Alfred Bader, D.Sc. Co-Founder, Aldrich Chemical Co., art historian/philanthropist
Jack Blaney, LL.D. SFU President Emeritus
Lieut.-General Romeo Dallaire, LL.D. Humanitarian
Leila Getz, D.F.A. Founder/director, Vancouver Recital Society
Alma Lee, D.Litt. Founder/artistic director, Vancouver International Writers Festival
Brandt Louie, LL.D. President/CEO, H.Y. Louie Co. Ltd., SFU Chancellor Emeritus
Allan Luke, LL.D. SFU alumnus, distinguished scholar
Jeffrey Sachs, LL.D. Director, Columbia University Earth Institute
Bing Thom, LL.D. Principal, Bing Thom Architects Inc. 



Daryl Duke, D.F.A. Emmy Award-winning film director/producer
Sheila Fraser, LL.D. Canada's auditor general
Janine Fuller, LL.D. Activist
Nancy Greene Raine, LL.D. Olympic gold medal skier
Stephen Lewis, LL.D. Former ambassador to the U.N.
Nancy McKinstry, LL.D. VP, Odlum Brown and founder/chair, Minerva Foundation for B.C. Women
David McLean, LL.D. Chair, Canadian National Railway and Chair/CEO, the McLean Group
Marco Marra, D.Sc. Genome researcher
Don Rix, D.Sc. Philanthropist
Madame Justice Lynn Smith, LL.D. A founder, director/chair, Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF)


2004 Special Convocation

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, LL.D.  Nobel Peace Prize, 1989
Shirin Ebadi, LL.D. Nobel Peace Prize, 2003
Desmond Tutu, LL.D. Nobel Peace Prize, 1984



John Alleyne, D.F.A. Former Artistic Director, Ballet B.C.
Luder Deecke, D.Sc. Brain Research, University of Vienna
John Dixon, LL.D. B.C. Civil Liberties Association
Mike Harcourt, LL.D. Former Premier
Jack Kowarsky, LL.D. Philanthropist
George Pedersen, LL.D. Former SFU President
Max Wyman, D.Litt. Journalist



Victor Ling, LL.D. Health Researcher
Tong Kooi Ong, LL.D. Businessman
Angus Reid, LL.D. Trend Researcher
Carole Taylor, LL.D. Business leader
Shirley Tilghman, LL.D. Educator & Researcher
Theodore H. Maiman, LL.D.            Nobel Prize Nominee
Cornelia Oberlander, LL.D. Landscape Architect
Rosalie Segal, LL.D. Philanthropist



Betty Fox, LL.D. Honorary chair, Terry Fox Foundation
Jerry Franklin, LL.D. Forest ecologist
Reginald Golledge, LL.D.                Professor, Geography, University of California
Peter Legge, LL.D. Author, publisher, philanthropist
Firoz Rasul, LL.D. President/CEO, Ballard Power Systems Inc.
Ted Sterling, LL.D. Founder, SFU computing science program



Ed Broadbent, LL.D. Former federal NDP leader
Joseph Gosnell, LL.D. Nisga'a Tribal Council president
John Kerr, LL.D. Chair/CEO, Lignum Ltd. 
Judith Marcuse, LL.D. Dancer/Choreographer
Beverely McLachlin, LL.D.               First female chief justice of Canada
John Ralston Saul, LL.D. Essayist and novelist
Kenneth Spencer, LL.D. Co-founder of Creo Products Inc.
David Suzuki, LL.D. Environmentalist and television personality     
Julie Payette, LL.D.  Astronaut



Gordon Diamond, LL.D.      Chair/CEO of a group of B.C.-based companies
Celia Duthie, LL.D. President, Duthie Books
Peter Eng, LL.D. Chair, Allied Holdings Group
John Fraser, LL.D. Environmental ambassador
Julia Levy, LL.D. Professor, UBC; President/CEO, QLT PhotoTherepeutics Inc.
John S. MacDonald, LL.D. Co-founder, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.
Don Mattrick, LL.D. President, Electronic Arts Worldwide Studios
Grant Strate, LL.D. Choreographer, teacher, professor emeritus, SFU



Robert Carkner, LL.D. Retired educator
Stan Hagen, LL.D. Politician
Albert Overhauser, LL.D.                Physicist, Purdue University
Barbara Rae, LL.D. Former SFU Chancellor, businesswoman
Klaus Rieckhoff, LL.D. Professor emeritus, Physics, SFU
Milton Wong, LL.D. President, M.K. Wong Associates Ltd.



Doris Anderson, LL.D. Editor, political activist, writer
Geoffrey Ballard, LL.D.                  President, Ballard Power Systems
Keith Laidler, LL.D. Professor emeritus, Chemistry, U. of Ottawa
Grace McCarthy, LL.D. Politician
Hugh McDonald, LL.D. Philanthropist
Henry Mintzberg, LL.D. Professor, Management
William Saywell, LL.D. Former SFU president
Murray Schafer, LL.D. Composer



Thelma Finlayson, LL.D.                Professor emeritus, Biology, SFU
Scott McIntyre, LL.D. Publisher
Eric Vogt, LL.D. Professor (retired), Physics, UBC
Morris J. Wosk, LL.D. Businessman, Philanthropist
Wei Yu, LL.D. Deputy, National People's Congress



Iona V. Campagnolo, LL.D. Chancellor, UNBC
Ivan P. Fellegi, LL.D. Chief Statistician of Canada
Wendy McDonald, LL.D. President, B.C. Bearing Engineers
Len Norris, LL.D. Cartoonist
Rene Theophil Nuytten, LL.D.        President, Can-Dive Services



Joy Coghill, LL.D. Actress
Robert Davidson, LL.D.                 Artist
Daniel Gelbart, LL.D. Scientist
Michael Phelps, LL.D. Businessman
Doris Shadbolt, LL.D. Museum Curator
Michael Smith, LL.D. Scientist
Audrey Thomas, LL.D. Author



Neil Bartlett, LL.D. Scientist
Geoffrey L Bursill-Hall, LL.D.          Professor emeritus, Linguistics, SFU
Martin Cornell, LL.D. Chair, Imagine Program
Donald Hudson, LL.D. Chair, SFU Foundation
Doreen Kimura, LL.D. Psychologist, Researcher
Joy Kogawa, LL.D. Writer



Aimee August, LL.D. First Nations Elder
Dennis Culver, LL.D. Accountant
A. John Ellis, LL.D. Businessman
Maurice Halperin, LL.D. Professor emeritus, Political Science SFU
John Maynard Smith, LL.D.           Biologist
Thomas A. Simons, LL.D. Engineer
Veronica Tennant, LL.D. Ballerina



Liona Boyd, LL.D. Musician
Irwin Cotler, LL.D. Human Rights Activist
James Douglas, LL.D. Publisher
Helmut & Hugo Eppich, LL.D. Businessmen
Mary Filer & Harold Spence-Sales, LL.D. Artist and Architect
Pauline Jewett, LL.D. Politician and SFU President
Hon. David C. & Mrs D. Lam, LL.D. Lieutenant Governor
Bill Reid, LL.D. Artist
F. Sherwood Rowland, LL.D. Environmentalist



Ronald J. Baker, LL.D. First Academic Planner, SFU
Kenneth Dye, LL.D. Auditor General
Peter Gzowski, LL.D. Broadcaster
Geraldine Kenney-Wallace, LL.D. Scientist
Patricia Kathleen Page, LL.D.  Poet    Citation | Address 
Howard Petch, LL.D. Past President, U. Victoria



Samuel Belzberg, LL.D. Businessman
Maureen Forrester, LL.D.               Soprano
Arthur Fouks, LL.D. Lawyer
Barbara Frum, LL.D. Journalist
Antonine Maillet, LL.D. Author
Ray Parkinson, LL.D. Psychiatrist



Jack McClelland, LL.D. Publisher
Fred Moonen, LL.D. Former BOG Chair, SFU
Joseph Segal, LL.D. BOG Member, SFU
Frederic Van Zyl Slabbert, LL.D.      South African politician



John Bligh, LL.D. Scientist
Paul Coté, LL.D. Former Chancellor, SFU
Ursula Franklin, LL.D. Scientist
May Gutteridge, LL.D. Social Worker
Dorothy Livesay, LL.D.                  Poet
Thomas G. Rust, LL.D. Chair, Crown Forest Ind.



David Barrett, LL.D. Former Premier of B.C.
Gustav Bene, LL.D. Director General, CIDA
Muriel Duckworth, LL.D. Professor of Music, UBC
Alan M. Eyre, LL.D. BoG member, SFU
Daniel E. Koshland, LL.D.              Professor of Biochemistry, Berkeley



Harry M. Evans, LL.D. Former Registrar, SFU
John K. Friesen, LL.D. Educator
Fred L. Hartley, LL.D. President, Union Oil of Cal.
Barbara Pentland, LL.D.                Professor of Music, UBC
Grant Reuber, LL.D. President, Bank of Montreal
Douglas Roche, LL.D. Ambassador for Disarmament



Frank Beinder, LL.D. Director, B.C. Association of Colleges
Hubert Evans, LL.D. Author
Harry E. Gunning, LL.D. Professor of Chemistry, University of Alberta
Rt. Hon. E. R. Schreyer, LL.D.        Former Governor General of Canada



Morris Belkin, LL.D. Chair, Belkin Industries
Alan Emmott, LL.D. Mayor of Burnaby
John I. Goodlad, LL.D.                 Dean of Education, UCLA
Kenneth Strand, LL.D. Former President, SFU
Jack Webster, LL.D. Journalist/Broadcaster


1982 - Opening of Faculty of Business Administration

James Gillies, LL.D. Former Dean of Business, UCLA
Alan T. Lambert, LL.D. Former Chair, T.D. Bank
John H. McArthur, LL.D. Dean of Business, Harvard
Robert G. Rogers, LL.D. CEO, Crown Zellerbach
Gordon Atherley, LL.D. President, Can. Ctr. Occ. Health/Safety
Hon W. M. Hamilton, LL.D. Past Postmaster General
Anne Stevenson, LL.D. Educator
Edward O. Wilson, LL.D. Biologist, Harvard



Elsje Armstrong, LL.D. Director of Museums & Planetarium
Mario Bunge, LL.D. Physicist/Philosopher
Laughlin Currie, LL.D. Economist/Adv. to Govt./Colombia
Ian McTaggart-Cowan, LL.D.          Dean of Graduate Studies, UBC
Louis Miranda, LL.D. Squamish Indian/Linguist



William S. Hoar, LL.D. Editor, Can. Journal of Zoology
Iby Koerner, LL.D. Convocation Founder
Evelyn Lett, LL.D. Convocation Founder
R. S. McNeish, LL.D. Archaeologist
John Roger Meredith, LL.D.            Supt. of Educ. Programs, B.C.
F. R. Scott, LL.D. Poet/Writer/Dean of Law McGill



Harry Adaskin, LL.D. Violinist/Prof. of Music UBC
Thomas Berger, LL.D. Judge
Cyrus H. McLean, LL.D.                  Chairman, B.C. Tel.
R. W. Prittie, LL.D. Mayor of Burnaby
Syd Thompson, LL.D. Labour Leader, AFL-CIO



J. V. Christensen, LL.D. Pres., Tahsis Co.
Ida Halpern, LL.D. Musicologist/Critic
Arnold Hean, LL.D. Lawyer/Convocation Founder
Percy Ritchie Sandwell, LL.D.         Engineer
Jack Shadbolt, LL.D. Artist
J. Tuzo Wilson, LL.D. Physicist



Kenneth P. Caple, LL.D. Former Chancellor, SFU
Elizabeth A. Lane, LL.D. Head, B.C. Arts Board
Margaret Laurence, LL.D.               Author
Guy R. Williams, LL.D. Senator/Indian Chief



Manfred Lachs, LL.D.                    Scholar/Diplomat



Angelo Branca, LL.D. Judge
Bora Laskin, LL.D. Chief Justice, Canada
Nathan Nemetz, LL.D. Chief Justice, B.C.
Patricia Proudfoot, LL.D.               Judge, B.C.



Jack Diamond, LL.D. Former Chancellor, SFU
John O. Wilson, LL.D.                   Retired Chief Justice
Harold Winch, LL.D. Retired M.P.



Alex Colville, LL.D. Artist
Arthur Erickson, LL.D.                   Architect
Gordon Smith, LL.D. Artist



G. Herzberg, LL.D. Physicist/Nobel Laureate
Grace MacInnis, LL.D. M.P.
P. D. McTaggart-Cowan, LL.D.        First President, SFU



Daniel George, LL.D. Actor/Indian Chief
Willard Ireland, LL.D. Prov. Librarian/Archivist
Margaret (Ma) Murray, LL.D. Publisher/Hist. Chronicler
Margaret Ormsby, LL.D. Hist. Writer/Prof., UBC
Gordon Shrum, LL.D. Former Chancellor, SFU



Kenneth E. Watt, LL.D.                 Scientist, U.Cal (Davis)



H. G. Khorana, LL.D. Scientist
R. McKenzie, LL.D. Broadcaster, England
Chester Ronning, LL.D.                 Diplomat
H. H. Stevens, LL.D. Politician



C. J. Frederickson, LL.D.             BoG Member SFU
H. R. MacMillan, LL.D. Industrialist
Max Waterman, LL.D.  



Dr. Leon Koerner, LL.D. Lumber baron
H. Marshall McLuhan, LL.D. Prof., Communications
Madge Hogarth Trumbull, LL.D.     Convocation Founder




W. A. C. Bennett, LL.D. Premier of B.C.
The Rt. Hon. Lord Lovat, LL.D.       Chief, Clan Fraser
John B. Macdonald, LL.D. President, UBC
G. R. Pearkes, LL.D. Lt. Gov. B.C.
L. R. Peterson, LL.D. Minister of Education


Last update: July, 2015