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How effective are supplementary funding policies? Does student diversity change the attitudes of different groups towards one another? What role do school rankings play in school choice? What are the effects of full-day kindergarten as compared to half-day kindergarten?

CERP addresses these and many other questions with solid, quantitative research. Figuring out the difference made by various education policies can be challenging, given the many other variables having an effect at the same time. CERP combines access to excellent data with the expertise to build models that produce the most reliable possible results.

Good quantitative policy research is often highly complex. Because everyone has a stake in understanding what research can tell us about effective educational policies, we make sure we communicate our work in as accessible a way as possible.

CERP is interested in programs and policies, not individuals or schools. The data we use is anonymous and strongly protected. Our work is vetted by SFU's Office of Research Ethics to assure the highest ethical standards and protection of privacy.

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BC School Arrangements Survey

If you were invited to the BC School Arrangements Survey for parents of Kindergarten and Grade 1 students in select districts, please go here:

Congratulations to Marion Schilling Elementary in Kamloops, winner of our 2011 prize draw for schools with high participation rates.