What we do

The Centre for Education Research and Policy (CERP) coordinates the activities of an interdisciplinary group of researchers who are interested in issues related to education policy in British Columbia.

Our mandate is to examine the academic consequences of various aspects of education policy, including assessment and accountability frameworks, school and program choice, and funding levels. In addition to looking at academic outcomes, we are interested in measuring the effects of these policies on geographic segregation, social interactions and inter-group attitudes, including the interactions between different ethnic and linguistic groups.

Our research group includes social scientists from Economics, Psychology and Public Policy who have expertise in a range of quantitative, qualitative and experimental methods. Our researchers are knowledgeable about the B.C. education system, experienced in working with the administrative databases maintained by the Ministry of Education, and actively engaged in field research in schools.

CERP is committed to working in partnership with students, parents, educators, administrators and community organizations from across the province to generate high-quality research evidence that can inform and enrich public debates about education policy, locally, nationally and internationally. Financial support to lauch CERP's activities from 2007 through 2012 was provided by Simon Fraser University's Community Trust Endowment Fund.