Projects in progress

Intergroup Attitudes and Behaviour

This project measures how children's interactions with classmates from different ethnic and cultural groups shape their attitudes and behaviour towards those groups. In partnership with the Vancouver School Board, we have engaged in fieldwork with school communities in Vancouver, the results of which are promising important insights into tolerance for diversity, and the role that school policy can play in promoting tolerance.

Aboriginal Education in British Columbia

CERP is using administrative data from the B.C. Ministry of Education to identify the most effective policy levers for improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal students, and will follow up with qualitative research to better understand what practices are effective. We are building partnerships with educators and leaders from Aboriginal communities to ensure that this work is informed by their insights and perspectives.

Testing, Accountability and Choice

CERP is examining a range of questions related to standardized testing, school enrolment rules and school organization. What role does information about test scores and school rankings plays in parents' school choice decisions? How do magnet programs affect the choice between public and private schools? What are the effects of school composition on student achievement? We are interested in understanding how different rules and policies affect student achievement, but also how they shape the diversity or segregation of school and neighborhood communities.