Business & Lifestyle

Minute Manager Application offered to businesses to increase organization and communication throughout companies.
Bike N Beer Our project is to create a tourism company in B.C., Canada involving local mountain biking areas and wineries. This business will provide guides who are local to the area and know the ins and outs. Another aspect of this company would be social as potential clientele may have newly moved to the community and are looking to make friends with the same interests.
Puff Pass A dry herb marijuana subscription service that partners with marijuana suppliers to provide customers with a tailored, convenient and well-informed monthly supply of dry herb delivered to their homes or place of convenience.
KIXL We are a consumer hardware company that is making a shoe cleaning machine.
Budgetize       An app that allows users to budget their money, but can also provide incentives/prizes for staying on budget.
Get Ahead Our venture is an web application targeted towards busy people that helps them schedule their life and use their time more effectively.
opeNest opeNest is the renter-and-owner management app that helps owners manage compatible, responsible renters and creates a smooth housing experience for renters.
Stirr Our venture is Stirr, which are coffee and tea made stir sticks that dissolve in water, making it instant and ready to drink.


Community Resilience

InteCARE Our venture aims to use automation technology to negate the worries of seniors and allow them to live in their own homes longer.
UniPool It is a carpooling service for SFU students to use, where students commute to school with drivers from their areas based on the time.
Cultivate Inclusivity Our venture focuses on empowering local business in their role as employers to people living with employment barriers.
Go-Scooters Our idea is to create a network of moped scooters users will be able to charge with ease. By providing an alternative way to achieve more frequent public transit; we hope to provide more efficient transportation alternatives for university students and youth.
Revolutionary Bus Shelters Our venture is a new, innovative design for a bus shelters that provide better comfort, accessibility and safety for public transport users.
The Neighbourhood   Clubhouse We are looking to explore social isolation in Metro Vancouver through urban space and arts and culture.
Meet A mobile application to help international students make friends.


Educational Innovation

Foodversity We are creating a new way for you to easily view your food options on campus. Through our Instagram page we provide menu's, nutrition facts, pricing and more! So you can know what your options are, and won't get bored.
Manzely Our venture aims to reimagine housing for students in a way that makes it more attractive and affordable.
StudyHubble    We aim to provide a platform to easily connect students through a shared responsibility in studying for their classes. We hope to reduce the number of isolated studying to foster a Vancouver post-secondary student community united through study groups and partnerships.
Athena Class Collaborator Our product aims to make class taking simpler and easier for everyone, where in lecture slides can be presented alongside transcribed notes, where both professors and students can make any comments in order to ask questions or answer them.
AttendEaze We are looking into solving the problem of missing classes affecting students' grades heavily.
MyFutureU A website dedicated to help incoming international students to choose their ideal university and city.
Top Down Nights Development of entrepreneurial and creative thinking skills.


Environmental Impact

THR3ADS THR3ADS is an application that acts as B2C (business to customer) model which caters to the student community. The aim of THR3ADS is to encourage students to purchase more of their clothing from local sustainable fashion stores in the Vancouver lower mainland, and reduce the amount of fast fashion purchases in Vancouver by students
Green Guard Tackling the sustainability issue of hockey equipment, specifically looking at alternatives to petroleum plastics in pads and skates.
Fade Apparel Transformable Clothing that offers versatility and ease of styling to customers who have that need.
ClimateInflux   Multi-modal awareness campaign to engage MetroVancourites in the global climate migration conversation.
Biopak Sustainable and biodegradable packaging made from natural ingredients
Hybridnetic Small Tech-E team working on providing a clean energy alternative for gas consuming vehicles.
Vegetably Vegetably works towards significantly reduces produce waste at home and strives to help individuals pick the best vegetables and fruits by scanning your produce.
FoodTrace Our venture is aiming to create new ways for us to track expiration dates of food in order to eat more healthy. Also, we can reduce the amount of food waste in the process by eliminating the chance of throwing out food which are suspected to be spoiled.


Personal Health & Well-Being

Safe Hockey We are developing a product to immediately detect when players get concussed on the ice.
Luvzi Our topic is about relationship and companionship. We aim to deliver a solution that targets couples facing relationship primarily due to social media. Focusing specifically on couples that have miscommunication, privacy and trust within their relationship. Our primary tool to solve would be by an application and events correlated with it.
SafEat Universal allergen symbols for the food supply chain.
K2 - Stardust Focusing on stress
Universal Gym Pass Increasing personal physical activity through universal access to community
Four A self-care destination that covers four different aspects of wellness: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.
Team KHROM Making splints using 3D imaging for gradual rehabilitation of disabled children 
Skinnovate   The introduction to your skin. We help everyday people learn about and understand their skin by connecting them with experienced professionals.