June 2019 Avinash's poster has won 1st Prize in the DCMMP and 2nd Prize overall at the 2019 Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Congress!
October 2018 The first papers from Avinash's new feedback trap are out.  It's 1000x faster!
April 2017 Lots of new folks in the lab this summer:  Matthias Gey from Konstanz will do a Bachelor's thesis on Szilard engines; Jomar Sastrillo from SFU (NSERC USRA) will work on a third protocol for erasing part of a bit;  João Vitor Soares Ramos will arrive in June as a MITACS globalink research intern.
October 2014 Laura Geisler arrived from TU Dresden to do her MSc. thesis work.  Willkommen!
September 21,2014 With deep sadness, we have learned that Russ Greenall passed away last month.  After working as an engineer for a number of years, Russ went back to school to get a BSc degree in Physics from SFU and an MSc degree from UBC.  In 2000, he worked in the lab and programmed much of the software (and built some of the hardware) for our SPM controller.  Russ's skills in the lab, his mentoring of other students and his wicked sense of humour were all very much appreciated---in this lab and beyond.  Russ will be greatly missed.
Summer 2014 This was a busy summer, with 4 undergraduates and 2 new MSc students in the lab:  Welcome to Mike Chomitz and Mpumelelo Matse to the MSc program and welcome to Jan Koloczek (from Konstanz), Leo Koppel (from Queen's), Leith Znaimer (from McGill), and Paul Omelchenko (from SFU, doing a BSc thesis).