Senior Research Scientists

Dr. Alexei A. Bokov
Ph.D., Rostov State University,Russia
Dielectric relaxation, relaxor ferroelectrics, piezoelectricity
Dr. Bixia Wang
Ph.D., Simon Fraser University
Strategic synthesis, crystal growth, and structural studies of functional materials using neutron and x-ray scattering

Dr. Haiyan Guo
Ph.D., Simon Fraser University
Ferroelectric domains and research instrumentation
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Maryam Bari
Ph.D., Simon Fraser University
Perovskite solar cells: fabrication and characterization
Graduate Students
Vidhi Chauhan
Ph.D. Student
Lead-free relaxor & lead-based antiferroelectric materials
Neha Claire
Ph.D. Student
Lead-free and lead-based piezo-/ferroelectric materials
Yi Yuan
Ph.D. Student
Piezo-/ferroelectric and antiferroelectric materials
Neda Afzali
M. Sc. Student
Ferroelectric and antiferroelectric materials
Nastaran (Nas) Taghvaei
M.Sc. Student
Halide perovskite materials
Tara Nazari
M.Sc. Student
Ferroelectric, antiferroelectric ceramics and glass-ceramics
Yihan (Amber) Lin
M.Sc. Student
Relaxor and antiferroelectric materials
International Visiting Students
Jingwen Xi
Ph.D. Student, on leave from Sichuan University
High temperature, bismuth layered structural ferroelectrics
Xin Peng
Ph.D. Student, on leave from Shaan'xi Unversity of Science and Technology
Dielectric glass-ceramics for energy storage applications
Hongyan Wan
Ph.D. Student, on leave from Xi'an Jiaotong University
Antiferroelectric materials for energy storage applications
Undergraduate Students
Qi (Krystal) Deng
Undergraduate Student
Lead free, multiferroics materials
Sveta Chen
Undergraduate Student
High temperature, piezoelectric materials