Graduate Students
Mike Bogan, Ph.D.
MALDI-TOF-MS of single particles: The development of Wall-less sample preperation.
Kallyanee Naga, M.Sc.
Quantitation issues with MALDI and Electrospray
Kent Verge, M.Sc.
Small molecule interactions in complex solutions (ESI-MS)

Current position: Environmental Analytical Consultant, Hemmera Envirochem, Vancouver, B.C.

Xiao Feng, M.Sc.


Single droplet as a new ion source for MS and laser light scattering of single levitated microdroplets

Current position: Analytical Technician, Dept. Chemistry, UBC

Yuping Chen, M.Sc.

Ion molecule clustering in the solution and gas phase as studied by electrospray mass spectrometry

Current position: Research Assistant, Amgen Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA

Qiang Xu, M.Sc.


The influence of droplets with net charge in atomic spectroscopy : toward an improved understanding of the chemical matrix effects

Current location: Business Analyst, Global Thermoelectric, Calgary, AB

Hongjun Wang, M.Sc.

Labile speciation studies using electrospray mass spectrometry

Current location: Analytical Chemist, Brantford Pharmaceuticals, Brantford, Ont.

Undergraduate Students
Dominic Balik
Fall, 2002
Atmospheric chemistry on a single droplet
Ed Swanson
Summer, 2001
Laser light scattering of single levitated droplets
Dominic Balik
Summer, 2000
Laser light scattering of aerosols
Ray Nassar
Summer, 2000
Surface reactions on a single NaCl aerosol particle
Kent Verge
Summer, 1999
Laserlight scattering of aerosols

Liz Chuah
Spring, 1999
Single droplet chemistry
Mike Bogan
Summer, 1999 and Fall, 1998
m/z range extension of an ion trap mass spectrometer, alkali metal ion complexation by polyethylene glycol in solution vs. gas-phase
Paul Kucharczyk
Fall, 1998
Single droplet levitation in an electrodynamic balance
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