B. Mario Pinto



  • B.Sc. & Ph.D - Queen's University


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Chemical Biology

molecular mimicry, glycomimetics, protein-ligand interactions, immunochemistry, enzyme inhibitors, NMR/molecular modeling, drug and vaccine design

Our group is studying the nature and origin of carbohydrate mimicry for the purpose of drug and vaccine design. We take our leads from molecular mimicry displayed by Nature. Our goals are the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of recognition that can be used to tailor specific immune responses or inhibit specific enzymatic reactions. The results have implications for the control or treatment of bacterial and viral diseases, diabetes Type 2, and cancer.

  • The development of NMR/molecular modeling protocols for probing bioactive conformations of ligands bound to protein receptors.
  • The development of drug candidates for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.
  • The development of drug candidates for the treatment of metastatic cancer.
  • The development of vaccines for Streptococcus Groups A and B, and HIV-1.
  • The development of enzyme inhibitors for the control of bacterial pathogens.
  • The development of nucleoside and nucleotide analogues as antiviral agents.
  • The development of nucleotide analogues as gene-silencing agents.
  • The control of glycoprotein trafficking in cells.
  • The development of analytical methods for glycan profiling.


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