Robert A. Britton

Associate Professor, Graduate Chair

Britton, Robert


  • B.Sc. - University of Waterloo
  • Ph.D. - University of British Columbia


Natural Product Chemistry

total synthesis, method development, J-based configuration/conformation analysis, structure activity relationship studies

The primary focus of our research program is the development of novel synthetic transformations and their subsequent application in the stereocontrolled synthesis of natural products with potentially useful biological activity. A certain corollary of these pursuits involves studies directed at probing the relationship between structure and/or conformation and biological function. Examples of natural products currently targeted by our group include the latrunculins (e.g. latrunculin A) microfilament-disrupting agents that have been highlighted as potential lead compounds for cancer therapy; chimonanthine, an alkaloid that has attracted attention as a potential modulator of pain; and eleutherobin, a soft-coral derived diterpene glycoside with antimitotic activity similar to that of taxol.


Spring 2015

  • CHEM455 - D100 Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • CHEM755 - G100 Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Future courses may be subject to change.