About Community Health Solutions

We develop collaborative research to promote health in individuals and communities.


CHS’s aim is to develop community-driven research for the prevention and management of chronic diseases. We collaborate with community partners to create solutions that can easily be implemented into real world programs, practice and policy.

We work with different types of community partners, including individuals, community groups, governmental organizations, health care systems and others. Community partners are essential to the research process, as they have working knowledge of the history, motivations and limitations of the problem that is being examined. They help to shape research as it is being developed by providing input on the study design, progress and interpretation of results. Partners benefit from informed research as well, as it contributes positively to their existing work and to the common goal of improving community health.

Our own research team includes members from Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia and Fraser Health Authority, with backgrounds in chronic disease prevention, diagnosis and management, population health and social determinants of health.