The Canadian Industrial Energy End-Use Data and Analysis Centre (CIEEDAC) maintains extensive databases of national energy consumption, emissions, and related information. CIEEDAC’s database covers over 26 industrial sectors across Canada, disaggregated by industry sector and energy type from 1990 to present. Additionally, historical data (1990-1996) on physical energy consumption and expenditures on energy are available for over 200 industrial sectors disaggregated by industry sector, energy type, and region. In order to maintain consistency, most of CIEEDAC's data come from Statistics Canada.

NAICS: CIEEDAC tracks industrial data using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) in order to allow comparability of data with the United States and Mexico. NAICS has replaced the Standard Industrial Classification system (SIC) as the standard for classifying industries at Statistics Canada. NAICS codes disaggregate industry into sector groups based on a two to six digit coding system:

  • First two digits designate the sector
  • Third digit designates the sub-sector
  • Fourth digit designates the industry group
  • Fifth digit designates industries
  • Sixth digit designates national industries.

CIEEDAC has data for all three-digit NAICS industrial subsectors and a variety of 4- and 5-digit industries. CIEEDAC provides consumption data of both purchased and non-purchased energy.

Other Data: Annual CO2, CH4, and N2O emissions are available for all industries and fuel types in Canada for which CIEEDAC currently tracks data. CIEEDAC also tracks related data such as GDP, gross output, physical production and expenditures on energy, which are useful in calculating energy and CO2 intensities. CIEEDAC maintains databases covering renewable energy and electricity generation capacity, cogeneration capacity, energy/technology-purchasing behaviour literature, and a database of sources of other energy information. CIEEDAC additionally conducts an annual survey of petroleum refineries and has historical data on oilsands and upgrader operations.