CIEEDAC is a non-profit organisation funded through sponsorship and through agreements made with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). The federal government has traditionally provided approximately two-thirds of CIEEDAC's funding, with the remainder coming from industry associations. In the past, CIEEDAC has also been sponsored by other federal departments, provincial government agencies, and energy supply utilities.

Contributions from a wide variety of sources are important so that CIEEDAC can continue as an accepted unbiased third-party institution striving to provide useful, reliable, and consistent industry-related energy information. Our industry sponsors currently include:

  • Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC)
  • Beer Canada
  • Canadian Construction Association (CCA)
  • Fertilizer Canada
  • Canadian Foundry Association (CFA)
  • Canadian Gas Association (CGA)
  • Canadian Lime Institute (CLI)
  • Canadian Fuels Association (CFA)
  • Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA)
  • Cement Association of Canada (CAC)
  • Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC)
  • Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC)
  • Mining Association of Canada (MAC)


The benefits of sponsorship include:

  • An industry- or region-specific report on public data to the level of detail available (e.g., provincial and industrial disaggregation from Statistics Canada (STC) or other sources of data);
  • Periodic reports defining the activities of CIEEDAC;
  • Annual analysis of data released by STC as it reflects Canadian industry;
  • A third-party group that can help present and resolve environmental and energy issues, both national and international (e.g. international comparison of standards);
  • Up-to-date reports and online access to a Canadian industrial energy and emissions database;
  • Limited fast-track analysis for your industry or region; and
  • Limited review and analysis related to energy issues available to your institution.

Cost of Services

If you are interested in becoming a CIEEDAC sponsor, please contact CIEEDAC’s Executive Director, Bradford Griffin at 778-782-3068 or by email at Thank you for your interest in CIEEDAC.