1. The Association shall be named "The Classical Association of the
Canadian West", hereafter to be referred to in this document as "The
2. The purpose of the Association shall be:
a) to promote the study and welfare of Classics in the
provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia;
b) to encourage scholarly exchange and the discussion of innovations
in teaching and curriculum in Classics.
3. Membership in the Association shall be open to all.
4. There shall be an annual fee payable by members. The amount of
this fee shall be determined by vote of the members present at the Annual
General Meeting of the Association.
5. The affairs of the Association shall be directed by a Council
which shall consist of one delegate to be chosen by the Classics Department
of each university represented in the membership of the Association.
6. The Council shall select from its membership the executive
officers of the Association. Council members and executive officers shall be
paid up members of the Association.
7. The executive officers shall consist of a President and a
Secretary/Treasurer, whose names shall be submitted for ratification to the
members of the Association present at the Annual General Meeting.
8. The term of office for each executive members shall continue to
the next general meeting of the Association and shall be renewable.
9. The Association shall be formed under the auspices of the
Classical Association of Canada, which shall be entitled to a representative
on the Council of the Association.