SFU WiCS & WEG Hackathon

Hosted by WEG and WiCS, made possible by a generous sponsorship from Mobify and contributions from PMC-Sierra and EA. Teams had 12 hours to build a creative and innovative phone/web application with support from our Hackathon mentors. Then they had a chance to pitch their project to a panel of judges for the chance to win GREAT PRIZES!

The event was open to participants of all skill levels: those haven’t programmed at all, those who are programming geniuses, those who have an eye for design and even product managers. It was a great chance to learn, invent, network, and shape the future!

Winners - "Crazy Uncle"  

Chih-Wen Chi, Joe Tsui, Brandon Chong, Keuyan Cheng

An app to assit the blind with navigating through their phone apps using only auditory  phrases.


Honurable Mention - "Oreos"

Mason Duan, Evgeny Vinnik, Jason Wang

A simple adventure game that only uses audio clues  to move the mouse to find elements to get through day to day tasks.

Photos taken at the Event,