CMNS 448-4



Catherine Murray                                                                                            Summer 2007

Telephone: (604) 291-5322                                                                              Burnaby Day



(International CMNS Project Group)

Ethnic Media in British Columbia


Prerequisites: two upper division CMNS courses and permission of the instructor.


This project is based in the Global Media Monitoring Lab and the second phase commences in early May and completes July 15. Applications must include a cover letter addressing your experience and eligibility and attach a resume. Submit applications to the General Office no later than Monday, May 7 or by email to


Eligible students may apply to the instructor if they have: fluency in listening, viewing, reading one of Mandarin, or Punjabi or Korean or other language; more than 75 credit hours; a GPA of B or above; some familiarity with third language media/as a subscriber or occasional viewer; experience in applied media or audience analysis, including research protocol design, coding and editing, cultural industry or policy research, qualitative interviews, content analysis, and use of programs such as SPSS, excel, FileMaker Pro or other database programs.



This research project maps and analyzes the various media available in languages other than English and French in BC. The project will culminate in a report to the Western Region of the Department of Canadian Heritage and is under the direction of Dr. Catherine Murray.


This research project requires 4 credit hours (120 hours) of directed research contributing to one of three components of the study (media mapping, content analysis and market/policy study). The hours accrue in total over the summer semester. Hours are flexible: each student will have a contract of deliverables.


Required Textbooks:

No textbooks are required. Readings will be announced.



Primary Research Notes (as assigned)               60%

Seminar Participation                                       20%

Final Paper (750 words)                                               20%


The School expects that the grades awarded in this course will bear some reasonable relation to established university-wide practices with respect to both levels and distribution of grades.  In addition, the School will follow Policy T10.02 with respect to “Intellectual Honest,” and Academic Discipline” (see the current Calendar, General Regulations Section).