A newly designed Saskatchewan license plate Self portrait in the newsroom Newly designed Post No Bills posters Fall colour pallet of dried leaves A funny local sign at the dog walk Metro Vancouver's newly designed utility boxes Analysis of crime statistics Map to the Gandhi statue at Simon Fraser University  
  • The day Saskatchewan holds a contest for a new license plate design, I will be ready. This warmly designed pallet of pinks and deep reds (black and white version shown) seeks to change visitors' perceptions of a cold Prairie province. The traditional wheat sheaf was kept a focal point of the design as farming remains a major industry in the province today.



  • This black and white self-portrait - Ron Burgundy style - may one day appear above some witty political retort in the morning newspaper.








  1. This, my final design: Post No Bills posters, is a testament to the importance of art in the modern world. From license plates to utility boxes, comical dog-walking signs to 'Post No Bills' posters, art and design is everywhere. Try spotting overlooked art next time you're out. Even the simplest, slathered up poster. Someone designed that.




  • This is a colour swatch I developed, inspired by the colours of dried leaves on my front lawn. The colours are cool, sad and feel soggy like an encroaching winter day in Vancouver.







  • This local sign appeals to the reader's sense of humour. The designer might have stopped after writing the sign's message, but the colourful message to dogs doubles as a message to humans, too: have some fun.







  • This flower-coated utility box was also inspirational for my final design. What do you think is so special about it that it caught my eye? What is so special is that it didn't.








  • My quantitative design for the course shows Canadian crime stats overtop of one jail bar, and additional statistics of things most staticians don't take into account on the second bar.








  • Here's a map if you:
  • 1) Are visiting SFU
  • 2) Love Gandhi 3) Don't know where to find the Gandhi bust on campus
  • 4) Really, really love Gandhi.