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Project Censored Canada (PCC) is very much a collective effort. We wish to thank the journalists who wrote the under-reported stories; the magazines and newspapers that published them; and the journalists, activists and other interested individuals who nominated the stories. We also wish to thank the researchers, students participating in PCC seminars at both Simon Fraser University and the University of Windsor. Our researchers analyzed approximately 150 nominations to determine if they qualified as under-reported stories and then selected the top eighteen for forwarding to our distinguished national panel of judges, to whom thanks are also due.

Student Researchers 1995-1996

Simon Fraser University
Angela Austman, Ron Bencze, Christoph Clodius, Nicole de la Roche, Lisa Harding, Clayton Jones, Suzanne Maier, Bernie Melanson, Jacqueline Mosdell, Susan Wilson Murray, Seana Wright.

University of Windsor
Donna Bazzi, Lee Dunford, Dave Ertle, Jennifer Ganton, Mara Geleynse, Jeremy Gillies, Lanie Hurdle, Dave Krishnamurthy, Dawn McLean, Brad Milburn, Jennifer Morrison, Andrea Neufeldt, Darren Osborne, Michelle Pisani, Brendan Rooney, Alysia Sepkowski, Nick Shields, Linda Stroud, Caaleb Trott, Luke Van Dongen, Kevin Wickham, Cindy Wolin.

Research Assistants 1995-1996 and Other Contributors

Jacqueline Mosdell maintained the office at SFU, organized the files, maintained several databases, and came through in the clutch with much-needed and appreciated editorial support. Katherine Manson and James Compton, both doctoral candidates in the School of Communication as SFU, were instrumental in the design and facilitation of the Spring PCC seminars. James also designed and maintains the PCC website.

We wish to acknowledge the support we received from Pat Howard (associate professor) for allocating her work-study student assistant to the project, and from other colleagues in the SFU School of Communication. Lucie Menkveld continues to provide invaluable administrative assistance to the project. We would also like to thank our colleagues at Project Censored in the U.S. for their support and counsel: Peter Phillips, the new director; and especially Carl Jensen, who retired as director in 1996 after founding the project 20 years previously. Our collective best wishes to him.

The Canadian Association of Journalists, and many individual journalists, have strongly supported our efforts. In particular we'd like to thank Bill Doskotch, PCC's founder and our liaison with the CAJ. Bill co-ordinated the panel of national judges, helped edit the synopses of our Top 16 under-reported stories, and provided ongoing advice and support to the editorial staff - even as he fell victim to Conrad Black's budget axe. And from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation we want want to thank Geoffrey Hopkinson, Patricia Kellogg and Laura Struthers for providing invaluable assitance in searching the CBC archives.

Student Researchers 1994-1995

Diane Burgess, Laurie Dawkins, Cameron Dempsey, Chantal Ducoeurjoly, Bill Duvall, James Duvall, Shoni Field, David Fittler, Rita Fromholt, Tony Fusaro, Dale Gamble, Madelaine Halls, Clayton Jones, Ava Lew, Cheryl Linstead, Kirsten Madsen, Lauren Maris, Jennifer Morrison, Carmen Pon, Elizabeth Rains, Steve Rennie, Humaira Shah, Karen Whale and Tracy Workman.

Research Assistants in 1994 -1995 and Other Contributors

Cheryl Linstead, Tarina Palmer and Michele Platje maintained the office at SFU, organized the files, handled correspondence and distributed yearbooks. James Compton (SFU) and Cindy Rozeboom (U of Windsor) provided crucial input and support for their respective seminars; they conducted the on-line database searches and generally kept the seminars running smoothly. James also helped with the publicity of PCC and brought his experience as a professional journalist to the evaluation of stories in the SFU seminar. Jack Walton conducted the research and drafted Chapter Two of the 1995 Yearbook. Cheryl Linstead produced the layout of the 1995 Yearbook and created the cover - thanks to the resource facilities of the Himie Koshevoy Publishing Lab at SFU's Harbour Centre Campus. Many thanks also to Ron Woodward for his suggestions.

We also want to thank Bill Doskoch (PCC founder and CAJ representative) who edited many of the top eighteen synopses, and helped maintain our liaison with Canada's journalism community generally, and the CAJ specifically. Bill provided on-going advice and help by email and participated (in person) in the marathon session at SFU to select the stories to send to the panel of judges.

We wish to acknowledge the support we received from Bob Anderson, Director of Simon Fraser University's School of Communication; and from other colleagues and students. Technical support was provided by Rick McCormack and Dave Murphy. School of Communication administrative assistant Lucie Menkveld, once again, provided assistance in too many ways to enumerate. Crucial funding and organizational support was provided by Simon Fraser University, the University of Windsor, the Canadian Association of Journalists, Ron Verzuh and the Goodwin's Foundation, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Finally, we must acknowledge the work of Carl Jensen, his colleagues, and the students participating in Project Censored in the US. Without their inspiration and guidance, Project Censored Canada would not exist.

The Editors

Mark Lowes, a doctoral candidate in the School of Communication at SFU, acted as senior editor for this edition of the PCC Yearbook. Robert Hackett drafted chapters two and part of five, and participated in ongoing consultations with Lowes. James Winter drafted chapters three, six and the appendix of under-reviewed books. Donald Gutstein led the SFU seminar which generated the top under-reported stories. Gutstein and Richard Gruneau, consultant to PCC, reviewed the chapter drafts.

The writing and production of the 1995 PCC Yearbook (which forms most of the content of the PCC portion of this website) was a collective enterprise. Katherine Manson acted as senior editor for the '95 Yearbook and is a PCC research assistant. Robert Hackett drafted Chapter Four (See PCC Methodology) and in his words, "generally hectored everybody about the rest of it," and co-led the SFU seminar. James Winter led the University of Windsor seminar and provided drafts of various parts of the Yearbook. Donald Gutstein co-led the SFU seminar, edited many of the synopses and reviewed and edited this edition of the Yearbook. Richard Gruneau copy edited this edition and acted as editorial consultant. James Compton created and edited the PCC web site.

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