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The Criteria Used by PCC

Many of the nominations Project Censored Canada receives are from people who find stories in the back pages of a newspaper or an alternative magazine, stories that seem important but that didn't receive much coverage. PCC researchers use the following seven criteria when evaluating nominated stories:

1. The story must be one that received insufficient coverage in the major news media, but would be of interest to a large proportion of Canadians. While the story may not be "censored" in the traditional sense of the word, it may have been overlooked, ignored or under-reported.

2. The story must have received minimal coverage.

3. The story must be of major significance. It must have the potential of affecting a large number of people (or a small number of people very profoundly, and with broader implications).

4. The story must present a clearly articulated concept, backed by solid documentation based on reliable sources.

5. The story must be national or international in scope, rather than simply local or regional.

6. The story must be timely, contemporary and on-going (not an examination of a historically remote event).

7. The story's exposure through Project Censored Canada should persuade journalists to further explore and publicize its subject and encourage the public to seek more information about the story.

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