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NewsWatch Canada 1999 Studies

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  • Question the Sun!

    NewsWatch Canada 1997 Studies

    The following is a list of abstracts written by students from the 1997 seminar. Each abstract summarizes their research for the semester. The views expressed in articles with individual bylines are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of NewsWatch Canada.

  • Think Tanks in the news
  • Portrayal of white collar crime in Canadian news media
  • Covering business, organized labour and government
  • Source bias in environmental stories
  • Media coverage of women's and men's health issues
  • Media representation of victims of violent crime
  • Influence of media ownership on news content

    Project Censored Canada 1996 Studies

  • Has crime news served to redefine 'law and order,' through its paying increasing attention to white-collar and corporate crime?

  • Does the commerical media's dependence on advertising revenue force newspapers to attract affluent audiences and to promote consumerism, as suggested by a comparison of automobile and public transit coverage?

  • Does an institutionalized left-liberal bias in the culture and organization of journalism generate imbalance in the news, as shown by coverage of the abortion issue?

  • Do journalists pay insufficient attention to the role of spirituality and organized religion in Canadian society and culture?

  • Has Canada's press has to a large extent accepted a neo-liberal agenda in its economic reportage, as evidenced by its overwhelming focus on government debt and on 'right wing' solutions to dealing with it?

  • Is news is a male-dominated discourse, in which social phenomena, issues and concerns most closely linked to the experiences of women receive less news attention than they seem to deserve?

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