The Centre for Natural Hazard Research supports and facilitates research that leads to major, sustained improvements to society and the environment in Canada, and galvanizse, at a national level, natural hazard research and policy-making.

Economic damage and personal loss caused by natural disasters are increasing rapidly. Losses in the 1990s were 17 times larger than those in the 1960s. In the last 50 years alone, losses due to natural disasters in Canada have exceeded $25 billion, and even greater losses can be expected in the future unless action is taken. The long-term goals of CNHR are to create a society that is more resilient to natural disasters and to save Canadian lives and billions of dollars in economic losses from disasters. The direct benefits to Canada, in addition to a reduction in losses from disasters, are improved public safety, a better-informed public, and wiser land-use decisions. Indirect economic benefits include stimulation of innovative engineering design and services to the public.

CNHR personnel and researchers in other institutions affiliated with the Centre help reduce the risk of hazardous natural processes through a range of activities:

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