The goal of this invitational, two-day workshop was to address the ecological challenges facing Baynes Sound. Presentations and dialogue examined the ecological characteristics of the area and examined the multiple uses. Case study presentations from elsewhere brought perspectives to the dialogue as participants sought solutions for the management of sensitive marine ecosystems such as Baynes Sound.

Participation in the workshop was by invitation and invitees included international experts, government (federal and regional), industry, academia, and ngo representatives from British Columbia, Quebec, the United States and Europe.


Conveners' Report

On-Site Program

Speaker Slides

Welcome and Introduction, Leah Bendell, Professor, Biological Sciences, SFU

Herring Spawning Region, Doug Hay, Retired Scientist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Beach Spawning Forage Fish Habitats: surf smelt and Pacific sand lance, Ramona deGraaf, Executive Director, Sea Watch Society

Important Salmonid Habitat, Colin Levings, Retired Research Scientist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Marine Mammal Habitat, Juan Jose Alava Saltos, Adjunct Prof/Postdoctoral Fellow, Resource and Environmental Management, SFU

Important Bird Area (IBA), Ron Ydenberg, Professor, Biological Sciences, SFU

Tourism, Peter Karsten, Denman Island Parks

Case Study: Narragansett Bay, Carrie Bryon, Research Assistant Prof., Univ. of New England, Portland, Maine

Case Study: Wadden Sea, Jens Enemark, Secretary General, Common Wadden Sea Secretariat

Case Study: Isle de Magdalen, Lucie d’Amours, Biologist and Educational Advisor, Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles & Magdalen Islands Committee ZIP

Potential Stressor: Ocean Acidification, Debby Ianson, Research Scientist, Institute of Ocean Science

Potential Stressor: Aquaculture, Shelley McKeachie, Co-Chair/Director, Association for Denman Island Marine Stewardship Society

Potential Stressor: Seaweed Harvesting, Ian Birtwell, Retired Scientist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Case Study: Japan, Marjo Vierros, Adjunct Senior Fellow, United Nations University

Case Study: Washington, Bill Dewey, Manager, Public Policy and Communications, Taylor Shellfish Farms

Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture, Duncan Knowler, Associate Professor, Resource and Environmental Management, SFU

Shellfish Aquaculture Ecosystem Interactions, Francis Juanes, Professor, Biology, University of Victoria (presenting) and Sarah Dudas, Canada Research Chair in Shellfish Ecosystems Interactions Research Program, Vancouver Island University (co-author)

Background Materials

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