March 27, 2014

Defining Gameplay: between structure and chaos
With Alexandre Mandryka, and special guests

Inviting students, researchers, game designers, gamers to our talk series finale and social......

6:00   Doors 

6:30   Talk, Q&A

7:30   3-minute Research Relay 

7:45   Eat, play, hangout.

Interact with new research and members of our SFU research labs, network with Alexandre and all the speakers in our Spring 2014 Defining Cognitive Science series, and play vintage to 3D games. Want to try the Oculus Rift? 

Details and Registration:

Talk at 6:30pm:

Gameplay is accepted as the essence of a game, the very element that game creators and designers try to shape for players to enjoy. Yet, most of the definitions of this term are subtractive and generally fail to inform the technique of gameplay creation, probably because of its emergent nature. Based on etymology and on principles of psychology, this discussion will propose an exploration of semantics of that term, propose a model to better apprehend the design of gameplay and will offer notions of aesthetics on the matter.

Alexandre Mandryka is a game designer, creative director, and design director with experience on a wide variety of game genres on PC and consoles, centered in the core gaming market. After starting his career in France, he worked at Ubisoft Montreal for six years, where he helped develop many of the studio‘s recent key products (Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell) as well as the in-house design discipline. He then moved to Vancouver to hold the design director position at Relic Entertainment, and is now developing his game design consulting practice at His interests lie in making sense of the craft of design, from the abstract concepts of creativity management, to the nuts and bolts of low level mechanics.

3-minute Research Relay:

Quick introductions to our other special guests who will be available at various stations to talk about their work in the network space.  Connect with: Joe Thompson and members of SFU Cognitive Science Lab researching expertise in Starcraft players, Steve diPaola and Ulysses Bernardet of iViz Lab, Kimberly Voll of MDM, just back from GDCVeronica Zammitto, Games User Research Lead at EA.

Door Prize from EA.

Pizza, Sushi, Games.

This is a free event open to all interested in attending, parking will be included. Please register here for admission to the event and to help us plan catering.

This event is co-sponsored by SFU Cognitive Science Program and Centre for Digital Media's Masters in Digital Media.