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WHAT IS THE BURNABY MOUNTAIN COLLEGE? (And why do we need it?)   >> click to read the story

A residential College is being developed on Burnaby Mountain at Simon Fraser University for Canadian and international graduate students, faculty and visiting scholars. 

  • A place for dialogue and collegial activities which address international, regional, and local interests.
  • A place for multi-disciplinary interaction at the university, informal academic communities and networks, and common research projects.
  • An intellectual and social home for SFU’s doctoral students.
  • A university-oriented institution with a special welcome for nearby residents of UniverCity.
Status of Project

We have proposed a prototype residential development attached to the UniverCity project on a floor set aside to accommodate about 40 graduate students and some new and visiting faculty members.

In a new building to be built near the Square, there would be a common lounge, seminar room or dining room. Such an arrangement could be an inducement for outstanding graduate students who are thinking of attending Simon Fraser. It could also be a kernel of a larger college to be built on the border of UniverCity and SFU.     >> read more...

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A list of current events can be found here

Image credits: SFU Aerial View by Janine Prevost (2006). Courtesy of the artist.