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  • The Heyang Rural Research CenterThe Heyang Rural Research Center

  • CUC Stories from ChinaCUC Stories from China
    "Hatty Liu, an editor of an English language magazine in China, is an award-winning graduate of the M.A. double degree program last year; Hatty not only traveled to my home town to write a cover story on China's e-commerce villages, but also took Malika Baratova and Camila Jatahy, two of SFU's double-degree students at CUC this year, for a ride on China's "Green Train" and together, they wrote a fascinating story on "Ten Hours in China's Mobile Public Sphere".

  • From the Capital City to the New Global VillageFrom the Capital City to the New Global Village
    In October 2016, our 3rd cohort students were having an enriching and rewarding tour at Jinyun, China while studying at Communication University of China

  • The Noughty NinetiesThe Noughty Nineties
    How many years of avocado toast abstinence does it take to buy an apartment in Shanghai? In a 60 Minutes interview last May, Australian property tycoon Tim Gurner opined that middle-class indulgences like artisanal snacks and lattes were all that stood between today’s young adults and their first home purchase.



SFU’s Global Communication M.A. Double Degree Program received a gold prize in  the  Educational  Excellence  Award category at the Canada-China Business Council’s (CCBC) 4th Canada-China Business Excellence Awards held in Toronto. 

From left to right: Mr. Williams-­Walshe, Director of Advancement, SFU Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister of Canada, and Dr. Zhao Yuezhi, founding Director of the Global Communication Program