Life Beyond Graduation: The Journey After the Degree

May 17| 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. PDT | Online

Finishing a degree, certificate, or credentials in Communication and/or related fields? This is a huge feat and opens the door to what can be an overwhelming amount of opportunities. Where do you start and how can you get to your dream job? Do you dive head first into your independent hustle? Do you pick up industry knowledge within a bigger company? Or do you somehow find the time to balance a mixture of both.  

This event, hosted by the International Association of Business Communicators BC, will give you a tangible perspective on your next career steps through a series of panelists who have recently finished a degree and are currently working in their field. Hearing from our panelists you will learn about what they wish they knew when they started and if they would have done things differently if they did know. You will understand different applications of business communications and gain insight on how you can move toward your value-driven path.

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