Welcoming Jan Marontate as the new CMNS Director

September 18, 2019

Welcome to new arrivals and Changes in the School of Communication

There are many changes and new additions to our School as we enter the 2019-2020 academic year this fall.  I write to extend thanks and welcome new arrivals this fall.

Thanks to Peter Chow-White, Kirsten McAllister and Stuart Poyntz for their valuable service.

First, I extend thanks to our former Director, Peter Chow-White, who has just begun a well-deserved leave, and to Kirsten McAllister who has completed her service as Graduate Program Chair. In addition, I wish to thank Stuart Poyntz, for his dedicated service as Associate Dean of FCAT and Acting Dean this summer. Thanks also to Amy Soo and Paul Bennett, who have begun new positions elsewhere at the university.

New Faculty Members

Welcome to our three new faculty members: Steven Malcic, Cait McKinney, and Aleena Chia who have arrived. We look forward to the arrival of Siyuan Yin once her immigration process has been completed.

Changes in Faculty and Staff

A new addition to School administration is Dal Yong Jin who will be serving as Chair of Graduate Studies this coming year.  

There are some departures and new arrivals in office and technical staff. For the next few weeks, while we fill positions, several people will be covering for multiple positions, among them Dima Baukun in the front office and Brian Langdeau in technical support. Robert Chireboah-Ansah has just begun serving as temporary Graduate Coordinator.   

There are many creative prospects for our activities in the coming year!