Student Stories

Our school is so proud of its students. Read below to find out about their latest updates!

  • Dall’Antonia’s creative talent is just on the horizon. “I would love to see my book of poems get published and for it to be shared with youths in the Lower Mainland” says Aliya.

  • Tara Mahoney is passionate about civic engagement and young people. She is hopeful and optimistic about our ability to create positive change and takes an active role in contributing to it herself. Ever since completing her internship at Greenpeace in Washington, she became aware of the power of media to influence the minds and spark collaborative actions. After completing her Masters degree in media production from Ryerson University, Tara went on to co-found a non-profit creative engagement agency Gen Why Media, which specializes in producing public art, media, and events for social issues.

  • In 2015, The Heyang Rural Research Institute was established by Dr. Yuezhi Zhao from Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) School of Communication. Physically a few rooms, themselves part of an inner courtyard in the middle of the ancient dwellings that comprise the draw of Heyang village’s heritage industry, this space serves as a welcoming base for global researchers aiming to learn more about the dramatic social changes and historical continuities in rural China.