Roman Onufrijchuk: 1950-2015

June 22, 2018

Roman Onufrijchuk's contributions to the School of Communication, and to Simon Fraser University are immeasurable. He began teaching in Communication in 1985, and his teaching ranged from first-year undergraduate courses to graduate seminars, and everything in between. He was a teaching dynamo, absolutely dedicated to his students and their advancement.  He was charismatic, inspiring, a powerful, provocative, eloquent, and brilliant teacher, and he was single-handedly responsible for more Communication majors than anyone in the history of the School. His mind was nimble and lively to the extreme, his intellectual breadth truly extraordinary, and his lectures were riveting, stirring, and motivating.  The School of Communication, and especially its students over decades bear his indelible and enduring influence, and we have been the beneficiary of his commitment to teaching, and to his masterful, artful, and altogether superb work with students in the classroom.  He loved the School, he loved his students, he loved the classroom, and his legacy in this School is forcefully evident. Roman's students adored him, and without exception, they regard Roman's classes as among the most influential, formative, and permanent experiences of their years at university, and beyond.