Global Communication MA Program is Renewed for Another Five Years


School of Communication’s Global Communication MA (GCMA) program has been renewed for another five years. The program, which was established in the fall 2013, is a unique composite of rigorous graduate academic training and vocational experience delivered through engaged living in two cosmopolitan cultural locales: Vancouver and Beijing. Over the last five years, the program has attracted students from 20 countries – making for an enriching experience for all involved.

Boasting a high graduation rate, alumni have described the program as a “life-changing experience.” Upon graduation, many have started careers in the media and at top international non-profit organizations or have gone on to pursue a PhD at leading universities.

Program Co-director, Dr. Adel Iskandar comments:  “The program’s renewal is a testament to the remarkable success of a novel experiment in international graduate education. We have worked very hard to achieve academic excellence, build an international reputation, and strengthen our partnership with the Communication University of China over the last few years and we are excited to build on this work moving forward.”

As for the future of this program? GCMA has plans to increase its cohort sizes and is keen on building partnerships with universities around the world to continue recruiting top students and extend the program’s global reach and footprint, as well as that of the School of Communication, FCAT and SFU.

Acknowledgements from GCMA: A special thank you to Yuezhi Zhao, Adel Iskandar, Alison Beale, Dora Lau, Byron Hauk, Xiaoxing Zhang, Peter Chow-White, Kirsten McAllister, Aoife Mac Namara, Cheryl Geisler, Joy Johnson, President Andrew Petter, and all the faculty members who have taught in the program and supervised the students – for their commitment, advocacy and support over the years. And finally, to Communication University of China!