Website Feature: Photo Submission

July 17, 2018

SFU School of Communication will be redesigning a brand new website for you. We want to make this website to be a part of you and a part of the community as much as possible. To do this, we want to feature your photography on our website. Please note, only select photos will be used on the website.  

You do not need to be a professional photographer and please do have fun with this!

Categories of Photos include:

  • Campus Photos (Burnaby and/or Downtown)
  • Yourself or a friend in SFU CMNS Merchandise or mentions of SFU
  • Student Event
  • Industry Event
  • Conferences
  • Your Moments (first day you won XYZ, your first group project)
  • CMNSU or club activities


  • Open to SFU students, alumni, and staff
  • Please no fade or grain filter on these photos
  • All original work only.

How to Submit with Credits

  1. Name your file with the following naming convention: FirstLast_IGHandle.jpg (ex: JohnSmith_jsmithphotos.jpg) or twitter. This is the only way your photo will be credited on our website.  If you have multiple images please append a number, ex: JohnSmith_jsmithphoto1.jpg.
  2. Files Type Accepted: .jpg only we will not be accepting any raw files.
  3. Upload to SFU Vault
  4. Also please do not edit other people's work or remove them. This is an environment to share each other's work.

If you are submitting your photos via your name, please go into vault via a computer and rename your file to following the naming convention above.