Graduate Profiles | Master of Arts

Jasleen Bains

BA, International Studies, Simon Fraser University

Supervisor: Karrmen Crey

Jasleen Bains is currently a graduate fellow with SFU’s Community-Engaged Research Initiative. Her research examines the media’s role in characterizing racialized populations within Canada, and how this characterization plays a role in the implementation of community-based educational spaces. Her work focuses on the City of Surrey, home to one of Canada’s largest South Asian diasporic communities. As a member of the South Asian community and a resident of Surrey, Jasleen is working from a standpoint of situated knowledge.   


Thomas Dickson

BA, Rhetoric & Communication, University of Winnipeg

Supervisor: Zoë Druick

Thomas Dickson completed his Bachelor of Arts at The University of Winnipeg in June 2020, where he majored in Rhetoric & Communication and minored in Political Science and Theatre & Film. His research interests include cultural policy and governance, film history, political theory, online discourses and public spheres, and issues related to free speech.


Tvine Donabedian

BA, Anthropology, Concordia University

Supervisor: Dal Yong Jin

My research focus includes popular culture, media, and fandom. In light of my background in anthropology, I am especially interested on how various types of media are consumed cross-culturally. I am also passionate about writing, travels, and music. Currently, I am in the process of publishing my first book.


Catherine Dubé | Twitter

BA, Communication & Cultural Studies, Concordia University

Supervisor: Sun-ha Hong

I am interested in studying the history of media, gender, and capitalism; affect theory; surveillance technology; postmodernism; media archaeology; and critical theory. My current research considers late-19th century British beauty culture through the lens of governmentality.


Mark Dunn

BA (Honours), Communication, Simon Fraser University 

Supervisor: Enda Brophy

Mark’s research explores how the nature of labour is shifting in an increasingly technologically-mediated world. Combining his criminology background with a political economy approach, he is investigating how prison labour is changing (and not changing) as capitalism increasingly becomes more digital. He is also currently working on a project in collaboration with Dr. Brian Dolber at CSUSM that is exploring the organizing potential of rideshare drivers in California.

Mina Einifar

BA, Communication, University of Tehran

MA, Media & Cultural Studies, University of Tehran 

Supervisor: Ahmed Al-Rawi

I am mostly interested in social media, digital culture and online feminism. I have studied how Iranian women use Instagram for self-expression in my previous MA thesis and for my next project I will be working on feminist activities of Iranian social media users. Since I have a background in Media and cultural studies, I am very interested to work on the intersection of everyday life and the digital world. I also enjoy exploring issues like digital platforms, algorithms, online surveillance and users’ privacy.  


Valerie Franklin

BA, English, University of the Fraser Valley

Supervisor: Gary McCarron

Valerie Franklin weaves her interests in visual art, science, and storytelling into her communication studies. Her MA thesis research focuses on visual rhetoric in science journalism, particularly in regards to post-truth phenomena and constructed narratives of fear. In her spare time, Valerie works on graphic literature projects as a writer and illustrator. She lives with her partner and two cats in Abbotsford.


Charlotte Gravert

BA (Honours), Arts and Culture, Maastricht University 

Supervisor: Martin Laba

Charlotte is a writer, yoga teacher and MA candidate. Her current research centres around neoliberal and postfeminist fantasies in the anglophone yogasphere. Deeply curious and concerned about today’s consumer and popular culture, Charlotte works towards making critical theory more accessible and applicable.


Elmira Habibullah | LinkedIn

BFA, Visual Arts, Simon Fraser University

Supervisor: Kirsten McAllister

Elmira (Elly) Habibullah is a Vancouver based artist and researcher with over 5 years’ experience in teaching art. she also has played various roles in cultural and art educational sectors in well-known non-profit organizations such as Evergreen Cultural Centre, Burnaby Art Council and Craft Council of BC. Her artworks have been displayed nationally, and brought her people’s Choice Award in Biennial National PAC Convention of 2014, Kwi Am Choi Scholarship from Port Moody Arts Centre, and Nomination of 2018 BMO’s first art exhibition. she is interested in investigating the institutional power system in  relation with visual culture.


Camille Jasinski

BA, Communication, Simon Fraser University

Co-Supervisors: Richard Gruneau & Andrew Feenberg 

Research interests: Frankfurt School Critical Theory, ideology and ideologies of oppression, surveillance culture, philosophy and decolonization theory. 

Catherine Jeffery

BA (Honours), Gender, Sexuality, Feminism & Social Justice, McGill University

Supervisor: Enda Brophy

Drawing from my interdisciplinary background, my work is grounded in a variety of theoretical traditions and seeks to critically examine the contemporary landscape of financial capitalism. My main research project engages with critical data studies and social imaginations, where I am exploring how robo-advising apps sustain certain ideologies of financial markets, paying specific attention to the ways that data is presented to the user.



Lauren Knight  | Personal Website

BA, Media Production, Ryerson University 

Supervisor: Milena Droumeva

My research aims to bridge my Anishinaabe heritage with the scholarly field of acoustic ecology. Taking special interest in the use of noise-cancelling technologies, I aim to explore how listening has become a technologically mediated process in which sonic control and malleability are prioritized. Considering this relationship within the specific context of urban environments, I compare Indigenous (Anishinaabe in particular) practices of listening to a colonial perspective on noise and noise-cancellation.


Xiaosu Li

BA, Journalism, Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Supervisor: Ellen Balka

Research areas: science and technology studies, digital tracking platforms, security and health studies, biopolitics, health surveillance, sociology and photography.


Courtney McLaren

BA, Sociology, Mount Allison University

Supervisor: Dal Yong Jin

Courtney McLaren's thesis research is focused on transcultural identities of K-Pop fans in Canada, and the impact belonging to transcultural fandom has on understandings of cultural differences. Her current interests include fandom cultures, affect, and the construction of authenticity within the K-Pop industry and Korean media scholarship.


Rita Odey | Personal Website

BA, Mass Communication, Covenant University 

Supervisor: Martin Laba

Rita Odey is a second year MA student and a culture writer. Her academic and professional background is in advertising and marketing communication. Her research explores the recent global interest in Nollywood memes and its impact on the viewership of Nigerian cinema. Her other research interests include digital marketing communication, Black cultural appropriation, Anti-Black Racism and Black hair politics. Admitting that academic language can unintentionally create an echo chamber, she uses her writing to deconstruct complex ideas to non-academic circles.

Jasmine Proctor

BA, English Literature and Communication, Simon Fraser University

Supervisor: Dal Yong Jin

Jasmine Proctor's research interests lie in the relationship between fan communities and mainstream media, and exploring how fan work online can be utilized in the political sphere. Her current thesis work focuses on the intersections of fan labour, government policies, and corporate strategies that have allowed for Korean popular music to be leveraged as a soft power tool.


Julia Werkman | Twitter

BA (Honours), Political Science, University of Alberta

Supervisor: Cait McKinney

My research area is primarily focused on feminist media theory and sexuality studies, specifically applying these two fields to topics such as digital intimacy and online dating.