Awards and Scholarships

Fall 2019 Award and Scholarship

Communication Alumni Award:

Kaiya Jacob
Jamie Hill

Radio Station CHMB AM1320 Award:

Mark Dunn

Omni Television Undergraduate Award:

Davina Gounden
Tabraiz Sanaullah
Mark Dunn

Carla Salvail Award:

Tabraiz Sanaullah

Fred & Elaine Moonen Scholarship: 

Jamie Hill
Juliette Halliday


Summer 2019 Award and Scholarship Winners

R. Murray Schafer Soundscape Award:

Ronald Boersen
Stacey Copeland

Glenfraser Acoustic Communication Research Award:

Stacey Copeland
Freya Zinovieff
Alexandre Klinke

Secure Capital Management Scholarship in Acoustic Communication:

Andrew Ringer

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