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Please bring a printed copy of your current Advising Transcript (sorted by "Both") to every advising meeting.

*During enrollment periods, time-sensitive enrollment issues will take priority and drop-in advising availability will increase.
If your question is time sensitive, please see us during our drop in hours or book an appointment using the button above. In-person meetings are preferable when possible.


Who Should I See?

Advisors are assigned to you. However, if your questions or situation is time sensitive, please visit any of us during drop in hours.

Zed Chia

Undergraduate Advisor & Recruiter

T: 778-782-2098

Room: K9650 (next to BPK)

Burnaby (K9650)

  • Future Students
  • 0-30 Units
  • New students (including transfer students)
  • Current CMNS students (Major and Joint Major) with 30 units or less completed
  • SFU students who are intending to transfer into CMNS
  • SFU students with 30 or less completed units who are intending to transfer into CMNS

Ella Wong

Undergraduate Advisor

T: 778-782-2108
Room: K9650 (next to BPK)

Harbour Centre (HC3559)  

  • 31 to 60 units
  • Current CMNS students (Major and Joint Major) with 31 to 60 units completed
  • Post Baccalaureate Diploma Program
  • Dialogue Minor Program
  • Communication Minor and Extended Minor Programs
  • Second Degree students
  • SFU students with 31-60 completed units who are intending to transfer into CMNS

Sami Lee

Undergraduate Advisor

T: 778-782-2099
Room: K9650 (next to BPK)

Surrey (SIAT Administrative offices – In room 2745)

  • 61 units to degree completion
  • Current CMNS students (Major and Joint Major) with 61 units or more completed
  • Communication Honours Program
  • SFU students with 61 or more completed units who are intending to transfer into CMNS

Arrive at your Appointment Prepared

how-to guide

Printing Your Advising Transcript

Please bring a copy of your advising transcript with you.

  1. Visit
  2. In your main dashboard, click on the dropbox other academics
  3. Select Transcript: Advising
  4. *Sort By: Both
  5. Go


Course Related

If you can, please prefill the forms prior to your appointment unless otherwise stated


Enrollment FAQ

Getting into your class

I see a space in the lecture, but I can't enroll

There may be several reasons:

A.    The course has tutorials, and the tutorial you selected is already full.

Solution: Look for another tutorial that works for your schedule and still has space. If it still has space, you will be able to enroll through that tutorial. Otherwise, please add yourself to the wait list. If the wait list is full, please monitor the number closely and try again when a space becomes available.

Important note:

When a course has both a lecture and tutorials, you need to have a spot in both the lecture and in one of the tutorials to be enrolled in the course. If you are on the wait list for a tutorial, you are NOT enrolled in the course, even if there is still space in the lecture.

B.    There is a reserve on that course, and you don’t meet the reserve requirement.

For example, All J100 courses are NOW courses, and are served 100% for NOW students until Open Enrollment. The NOW program is open for student working 30 or more hours per week to apply. If you are not part of the NOW program, please add yourself to the wait list and wait. When the NOW reserve gets lifted (at Open Enrollment), and space permitting, a CMNS advisor will enroll in the wait listed CMNS students first, before opening up the course to all other students.

A few other CMNS courses have a small amount of seats reserved for students from another program. It may, for example, has 5 seats reserved for faculty of ENV students, and 20 seats for CMNS students. If 20 CMNS have already enrolled in the that course, no more CMNS student can still enroll, even if there is still space in that course.   


The class starts tomorrow but I am on the waitlist. What should I do?

The last day to drop a course with 100% tuition refund is on the 7th day of the semester. Because of this, most course drops happen during the first week of classes. If your wait list position is within the top 10% of the class capacity, we encourage you to go the first lecture and talk to your prof.

If any drops occur, priority will be given to students who haven’t missed any lecture content.

Another student who was initially wait listed behind me got enrolled, but I’m still waiting. What would be the reason?

The wait list engine runs several times a day. When a drop occurs and a space becomes available in a course, under normal conditions, the #1 student waiting will get automatically rolled into the course from the wait list.

However, if any of the following conditions applies, the wait list engine will skip the student and roll in the next student on the list. Unfortunately, the system does NOT notify the skipped student.

  • The student’s chosen tutorial is still full – if there are tutorials. It is therefore better to wait in for a tutorial with less students
  • There is a schedule conflict

Students enrolled in Distance Education courses, please pay special attention to the exam times

  • Credit Load Override – FCAT students are allowed a maximum of 18 credits per semester.

Therefore, students waiting for a 3-credit course can only be enrolled in 15 credits or less. And students waiting for a 4-credit course can only be enrolled in 14 credits or less.

  • The student has fees owing

Undergraduate Chair

David Murphy