CAHR (Community Alliance for Health Research)

Dr. Ellen Balka serves as a co-investigator for the Best Practices for Coordinated Health Promotion and Health Services in Midlife project

Project Objectives:

Greater integration of preventive and clinical care, and of the formal health care systems with informal and self-care in the community, based on evidence-based planning, decision making, and resource allocation.

The following statements outline principles intended to assist decision making and research planning as we work to realize our vision and mission.

  1. Local partnerships to build better research and practice knowledge development and application

  2. Accelerate development and implementation of best practices within our partner communities, with cross-cutting initiatives to expand our knowledge base about best practices

  3. Work towards theory-based and tested integrated health information systems which include personal, social networks, clinical, and population health variables

  4. Create a learning and training organization that prepares research producers and research consumers to work closely together towards improved health for Canadians

  5. Maintain a focus on health in midlife and how (a) healthy lifestyles, (b) patterns of care (self, informal, and formal), and (c) health status (including quality of life with its physical, mental, emotional, and social health dimensions) change over time with aging

  6. Invest in communications, knowledge management, and diffusion as an ongoing, organizing, and facilitating process

There are three components to the Best Health Practices in Midlife Project: the Coordinating Centre, the Cardiovascular Health Best Practices Project and Promoting Action Towards Health.