The Disinformation Project at the School of Communication is a SSHRC funded research that examines fake news discourses on mainstream media and social media in Canada. The Project is run by Ahmed Al-Rawi, an Assistant Professor at the School of Communication, who is its Project Director, working collaboratively with a number of graduate students.  

There are four objectives behind conducting this study.

  1. To understand how Canadian journalists define fake news and identify the way they deal with this phenomenon
  2. To explore fake news coverage and scope by categorizing all Canadian mainstream news stories into news types
  3. To find the major topics discussed on Canadian mainstream media and social media posts that reference fake news by using a machine learning method
  4. To provide a clearer conceptualization of fake news in order to expand existing theories of disinformation and fake news based on the examination of previous research and the coding of news stories in this project.



Ahmed Al-Rawi, What is fake news?