The Disinformation Project team consists of the following members:


Ahmed Al-Rawi | Project Director


Ahmed Al-Rawi is an Assistant Professor of Social Media, News and Public Communication at SFU School of Communication. Beyond his academic work, he has served as the Communication Offier and Spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in 2002. As the Project Director, his team has developed a new tool, Twitter Capture and Analysis Toolset, a resource designd to track word or hastag queries for research purposes including his work disinformation and misinformation across the internet. 

Elly Habibullah | Research Assistant

Elly is master’s student at the School of Communication, Simon Fraser University. Her scholarly research is often situated at the intersection of social sciences and cultural production in Vancouver which is simultaneously inspired from her art practice outside of communication studies. Despite the qualitative nature of her thesis, she has actively been underlining the significance of disinformation and misinformation throughout her career in graduate school and by delivering a workshop in Confronting the Disinformation Age Community Summit 2019 titled Refugee voices: “re-imagination of images”. Her current research focus is on the analysis of fake news discourses on social media as part of The Disinformation Project.