GCMA Capstone Projects

As a part of the program, students deliver capstone projects at the end of their term in Vancouver. Global Communication hosts a capstone project presentation event every year to celebrate the success of our students. 

6th Cohort (2018- 2020)

5th Cohort (2017- 2019)



Reporting the Cross-strait Relationship: Comparative Analysis of News Coverage of the CCP's 19th Congress by Two TaiwanTV Stations Chang, Lin-Chuan
Representations of persons with disabilities in the media: A case study of Ghana’s local movie Industry (Kumawood)
Chireboah-Ansah, Robert
Hashtag IAmGay campaign on Sina Weibo: a case study of the online activism and discourse of LGBT community in China

Liu, Haiyang

Modern Chinese national identity and transportation

Liu, Haiyu

Communication as Intervention: Contextualizing the alt-right discourse of ‘women as wombs’

Neufeld, Bethany

Nigerians perception of products made-in-China: a catalyst effect of the standard of living

Oluwatayo, Rufus

"I am here! But, I actually shouldn't be!!" An auto-ethnography on the remittance experience of an African international student in Canada

Opoku Twenebowaah, Ingrid

The role of media in alleviating sectarian conflict: an exploration of peace journalism in Egypt

Nadia Sharaby, Aya

How the introduction of CGTN is popularizing the growing African continent through positive reporting: A Case study of China Global Television Network in Nairobi, Kenya

Sule, Benedicta Habiba

Representation of muslims in Canadian newspapers: Comparing the coverage of the 2014 Parliament Hill shooting and the 2017 Quebec City mosque shooting

Tsai, Yichi 

Historical analysis of the changing nature of masculinity in China

Luo, Xiao 

Traumatizing and healing: How media memorialize the comfort

XU, Cheng Cheng

4th Cohort (2016- 2018)

3rd Cohort (2015 – 2017)

2nd Cohort (2014 – 2016)

1st Cohort (2013 – 2015)