Undergraduate Advising

Advising is available at SFU Burnaby and SFU Vancouver at Harbour Centre

Please bring a printed copy of your current Advising Transcript (sorted by "Both") to every advising meeting.

Denise Vanderwolf

Undergraduate Advisor

Advising Portfolio:

  • Future students
  • New students (including transfer students)
  • Current CMNS students (Major and Joint Major) with 30 units or less completed
  • SFU students who are intending to transfer into CMNS

Joti Muker

Undergraduate Advisor

Advising Portfolio:

  • Current CMNS students (Major and Joint Major) with 61 units or more completed
  • Communication Honours Program

Temporary Advisor

Undergraduate Advisor

Advising Schedule

David Murphy

Undergraduate Chair


During enrollment periods, time-sensitive enrollment issues will take priority and drop-in advising availability will increase.