SFU Communicators

Looking for a specific SFU Communicator? Here is a round-up of key contacts across our three campuses.

Faculties, Departments and Schools






Faculty of Applied Sciences

Suraaj Aulakh Assistant Director, Science Communications and Marketing
778.782.7029 fascomms@sfu.ca
  Cindy Li
Communications Coordinator 778.782.7029 fas_writer@sfu.ca
  Yan Li Multimedia Coordinator 778.782.7029 fas_multimedia@sfu.ca

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Ashley (Ash) Tanasiychuk Marketing and Communications Director
778.782.9983 fasscd@sfu.ca
  Ashley Schultheiss Communications Officer 778.782.9415 ashley_schultheiss@sfu.ca
  Robyn Humphreys Communications Officer 778.782.9415 robyn_humphreys@sfu.ca
  Carmen Chin Associate Director, Marketing & Communications 778.782.7564 kmchin@sfu.ca
  Aline Bouwman Communications Officer 778.782.9415 abouwman@sfu.ca

School of Criminology

Sofia Ortega Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.4325 crimcomm@sfu.ca

School of Computing Science

Rachel Mah
Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.7097 cscomms@sfu.ca

Department of Economics

Sarah Turner Communications Officer
778.782.5824 econcomm@sfu.ca

Department of English

Rebecca Saloustros
Communications Coordinator 778.782.7164 englcmns@sfu.ca

French Cohort Program + Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA)

Anne Marie Gagne Communications, Marketing & Student Recruitment 778.782.7645 baff_comm@sfu.ca
  Laurence Gagnon Coordinator, Events and Communications 778.782.7645 offa_coor@sfu.ca

Department of Gerontology and the Gerontology Research Centre

Sarah Qiu
Research and Communications Coordinator


Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

Casey McCarthy Communications and Events Coordinator
778.782.5981 gswscomm@sfu.ca

Global Asia Program

Jonathan Gudlaugson Communications and Event Coordinator 778.782.5512 histcomm@sfu.ca

Graduate Liberal Studies

Huyen Pham Communications Coordinator 778.782.5855 humcomms@sfu.ca

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies

Heather Montgomery Coordinator, outreach and community engagement 778.782.8466 hellenic@sfu.ca

Department/Institute of Humanities

Huyen Pham Communications Coordinator 778.782.5855 humcomms@sfu.ca

Department of History

Jonathan Gudlaugson Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.5512 histcomm@sfu.ca

Department of Indigenous Studies (INDG)

Casey McCarthy Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.5981 indgcomm@sfu.ca

School for International Studies

Caylin Barrett Communications and Event Coordinator 778.782.3244 comms@sfu.ca

Labour Studies Program

Esther Wong Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.7077 sacomm@sfu.ca

Department of Linguistics

Kim Regala
Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.7127 lingcomm@sfu.ca

Department of Philosophy

Jason Leardi Communications Coordinator
778.782.5096 philcomm@sfu.ca

Department of Political Science

Rebecca Saloustros
Communications Coordinator
778.782.7190 polcmns@sfu.ca

Department of Psychology

Cerisse Dela Cruz Communications and Student Affairs Coordinator
778.782.5898 psyccomm@sfu.ca

School of Public Policy

Eva Lewis Masters Program Coordinator 778.782.7879 evat@sfu.ca

Department of Sociology & Anthropology

  Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.7077 sacomm@sfu.ca

Urban Studies Program

  Communications Coordinator, Alumni Outreach & Community    

Beedie School of Business

Cindy P. Li Communications and Public Relations Manager
778.782.9492 bsb_media@sfu.ca
  Lynn Warburton Communications and Marketing, Executive Education

Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology

Emma Keeler-Dugas
Manager, Communications and Strategy
  Kim Hockey
Associate Director, Community and Alumni Relations

School of Communication

Kara Toews
Digital Content Manager
778.782.3855 kara_toews@sfu.ca

School for the Contemporary Arts

Brady Cranfield Communications Assistant
778.782.9561 scaweb@sfu.ca

Faculty of Education

Natalia Angheli-Zaicenco

Director, Communications & Marketing   nangheli@sfu.ca

Melissa Hudson

Communications Manager
  Allen Quinn
Communications Associate 778.782.7381 aquinn@sfu.ca

Faculty of Environment

Laurie Wood

Manager, Community Engagement and Research Initiatives 778.782.9235 lauriew@sfu.ca
    Multimedia Coordinator 778.782.6599 fenvca@sfu.ca

Faculty of Health Sciences

Sharon Mah
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
778.782.9947 fhscomm@sfu.ca

School of Interactive Arts and Technology

Clare Slipiec Communications Associate

Faculty of Science

Carolyn Peachey
Director of Marketing and Communications
778.782.7234 carolyn_peachey@sfu.ca
  Amanda Hardy Assistant Director, Markting and Communications   amanda_hardy@sfu.ca


Erin Brown-John Communications Officer   778.782.7234

Other SFU Departments






Academic, VP

Rosetta Cannata
Associate Director, Communications and Marketing
778.782.6561 vpacomms@sfu.ca


Ted Peterson Senior Director Marketing and Communications
778.782.3353 ted_peterson@sfu.ca
  Christine Lyons Associate Director, Marketing and Communications 604.345.6529 christine_lyons@sfu.ca

Alumni Relations

Allison Lambert Marketing Officer
778.782.5343 allison_lambert@sfu.ca

Ancillary Services

Taylor Assion
Manager of Marketing and Sustainability
604.700.7530 tay_assion@sfu.ca


Lakshmi Gosyne Communication and Engagement Coordinator 778.782.4182 apsacomm@sfu.ca


Steve Frost Sports Information Director 778.782.4057 sfrost@sfu.ca

Community Engagement

Janet Yan Communications Officer
778.782.8817 janet_yan@sfu.ca
  Chris Yakimov Associate Director, Digital Community Engagement
778.782.7550 cyakimov@sfu.ca

Continuing Studies

Rachel Bennett
Marketing and Communications Director
778.782.5088 rachel_bennett@sfu.ca
  Kim Mah
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
778.782.8854 kim_mah@sfu.ca

Finance and Administration, VP

Laura Kohli Director, Communications and Marketing   laura_kohli@sfu.ca

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Stacey Makortoff Communications Officer 778.782.6829 stacey_makortoff@sfu.ca

Health and Counselling  

Jaclyn Hayward
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
778.782.4692  jrj5@sfu.ca

SFU International

  VPRI C&M Team
778.782.3550 vpri-communications@sfu.ca


Chloe Riley Library Communications Officer

Office for Aboriginal Peoples

Gary George
Community Relations Officer   778.782.8925 ggeorge@sfu.ca

Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs

Anne Marie Gagné
Communications, Marketing and Student Recruitment Coordinator 778.782.7645 baff_comm@sfu.ca
  Sandie Lafleur Coordinator – Recruitment and Student Life 778.782.7643 frecruit@sfu.ca

Public Square

Doug Hamilton-Evans Communications Manager 778.782.4944 doug_he@sfu.ca

Research and International, VP

Tia O'Grady Director, Communications and Marketing 778.782.3550 tia_ogrady@sfu.ca
    VPRI C&M Team 778.782.3550 vpri-communications@sfu.ca

Residence and Housing

Leon Kalligerakis Marketing and Communications Manager   leonk@sfu.ca
  Mark Romain
Communications Associate   mark_romain@sfu.ca

Safety and Risk Services

Christina Hamfelt
Communications Officer
236.888.3615 christina_hamfelt@sfu.ca

SFU's Surrey Campus

  Communications and Engagement Coordinator

SFU's Vancouver Campus

Kimberly To Communications and Event Assistant
778.782.3407 vanadmin@sfu.ca
  Kelsie Fo Communications and Engagement Coordinator
778.782.9343 kfa3@sfu.ca

SFU Venture Labs

Vivien Lee Marketing Manager
604-729-4747 vivien@venturelabs.ca

SFU Woodward's Cultural Programs

Kaelynn Shinkaruk Marketing Coordinator   sfuw@sfu.ca

Student Services

Katrina Trinidad Communication Services Director
778.782.3214 katrina_trinidad@sfu.ca

SFU Sustainability

Pamela Lim
Communications and Marketing Manager 778.782.3550 pamela_lim@sfu.ca
    VPRI C&M Team
778.782.3550 vpri-communications@sfu.ca

Associate VP Learning & Teaching

Jackie Amsden Communications Officer
778.782.9247 lt_comm@sfu.ca

Coast Capital Venture Connection

  Marketing and Communications Coordinator
778.782.7497 vc_comms@sfu.ca

SFU's Vancity Office of Community Engagement

Alyha Bardi
Communications Coordinator 778.782.9817 ce_communications@sfu.ca

Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue

Stephanie Hall
Communications Manager 778.782.9986 slhall@sfu.ca

Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship

Jesika Kula Communications Coordinator
778.833.3945 jkula@sfu.ca