New and improved communicators toolkit

April 17, 2018

We are excited to unveil a new and improved SFU Communicators Toolkit!

This resource has evolved from a repository to the go-to place to gather Communications and Marketing tools, guides and departmental services.

Thank you for your respective feedback and participation in the formal consultation activities (card sort, tree jack exercise) and annual surveys leading up to, and during, development. 

The new website will also host an updated communicators' contact list, an expanded collection of communications and marketing strategy guides, and a one-stop shop for all the ways you can submit content for SFU's Corporate Channels from news, to events, to social amplification. The site offers overall improved navigation to help you find what you need and much more. You'll have the opportunity during the webinar to ask questions that can be brought into the presentation and shared with the group.

Get to know the site

Watch a recording of our communicators webinar from April 24th, 2018, walking you through the elements of this website that will be most useful to you: