Brand applications

Be inspired by how our brand principles come to life in a range of materials including: advertising, brochures, posters, video and more.



Print ads should always feel bold and simple with clear and concise messages. These print ad examples demonstrate the flexibility of our brand elements to accommodate different types and lengths of content and imagery.

Example with full-bleed image and title bar headline treatment, ideal for ad compositions that don’t require a lot of content.
When the image has a lot of tonal variation that makes it difficult to place copy, the title bar can bleed into a field of colour to contain body copy.
Headlines can be used as the dominant graphic element with smaller, supportive photos.

Print with colour photography

In special circumstances, colour photography can be used for specific institutional advertising that targets influencers. Such applications require the president’s approval.

These ad layouts are designed to accommodate lengthy copy. This is a common layout used for announcement and recognition print ads.


When designing for outdoor applications, keep messaging short and concise. Using SFU light red and bold typography in outdoor applications helps to attract attention.

Continuing Studies SkyTrain posters - the title bars don't bleed to account for frames they were placed in