Training and workshops

Take your storytelling to the next level through our upcoming workshops. Look out for more workshop information and date announcements in the Communicators Monthly Newsletter.

Visual Storytelling Part 1: Videography

June 25, 2019; Halpern Centre 126
Presented by: Jason Margolis, Dave Brigdon, Evan Petka, Gabe Colome

Learn how video can help you to tell a compelling story:

  • Visual storytelling, video project development, and deliverables/social platform tips
  • Creating DIY webcasts and event recordings with iRig and phones
  • Making effective behind-the-scenes videos or simple phone videos
  • Preparing and submitting an SFU news story video
  • Planning and requesting a custom video through C&M
  • Using brand for video

Visual Storytelling Part 2: Smartphone photography

July 16, 2019, 12:30 - 3 p.m.
Halpern 126
Presented by Ivana Filipovic

By numerous requests, the smartphone photography session is back, now updated with SFU brand photography. Participants will learn basic to mid-level smartphone photography techniques and gain clarity on how to create SFU brand-complaint photography with their smartphones. There will be additional exercises/resources participants can explore after the workshop to continue improving their photography skills.

What will be covered:
    •    Image quality controls on smartphones
    •    Smartphone photography apps
    •    Image composition
    •    Light conditions
    •    Image post-processing
    •    SFU brand photography
    •    Additional hardware for smartphones
    •    Inspiration and exercises

SFU Communicators: IABC19 Lunch & Learn

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

11:45am - 1:15pm

Big Data Hub Theatre (ASB 10900)

A number of SFU staff attended the IABC World Conference in Vancouver in June and are sharing their key takeaways with you.  Speakers:

  • Adam Brayford
  • Fiona Burrows
  • Ashleigh Erwin
  • Emma Keeler-Dugas
  • Stephanie Stewart
  • Angela Wilson

Lunch & Refreshments will be provided.  To RSVP please email and include any dietary restrictions.  


Written Storytelling: Selecting and Crafting Stories to Integrate SFU’s brand

Oct 23, 1:30-4pm: Halpern 126, Bluejeans HC 101
Presented by Diane Luckow, Jeff Hodson and Marianne Meadahl

Learn how to integrate SFU’s brand into your story selection, how to select stories based on SFU’s strategic priorities, how to ask proper interview questions to draw out key messaging, and how to write in SFU style.  More information to come.


Analytics and Email Marketing

Nov 20, Halpern 126, Bluejeans HC101

Details to come. 

Storytellers Event

December TBA

Do you know a great storyteller on campus who is willing to share an inspiring person experience of a time they faced a challenge and how being fearless, unconventional, compassionate, approachable or ready helped them to shine?  Email to nominate a speaker for this year's annual communicator storytelling event.