Website content guide

Whether you're refreshing your content or relaunching a website, our comprehensive information will help you in content creation and optimization.



Explore different types of background research you should complete before starting your website project.

Site map

Read how to create an effective site map that helps users navigate your content.

Content strategy

Find available resources on developing a content strategy for a website. 

Content development

Writing for the web

Learn how to write content for web that works, and what to avoid on your website.


Use industry guidelines for making web content accessible for all audiences.

Images, files and icons

Access information on best practices and common mistakes for images, files and icons.


Review and follow our comprehensive checklist before you launch your site.

URL management

URL redirects

Learn about the importance of permanent URL redirects when changing your site map.

Custom URLs  

See what you should consider before requesting a new custom URL for your site or page.


Google Analytics

Find out how to get the most of the tool to understand your users and optimize your content.


Plan how to monitor, analyze, update and optimize your site after it launches.


Learn and follow best search engine optimization practices for writing findable content.