Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the main tool you'll be using to monitor and analyze your website's traffic. This data will help you understand who your users are, what content they're interested in and if they're completing the action you'd like them to.

Set up

If you need Google Analytics for your site, please fill out the Google Analytics Form and we'll generate a tracking code for you.

Once you have the code, you can add Google Analytics to your website.



Google Analytics dashboard will display the following standard data for your site:

  • Visitors
  • New vs. returning visitor
  • Visits
  • Top landing pages
  • Most visited pages
  • Average time on site
This will give you a general understanding about your website's performance and its users.


For more advanced tracking, you can:  

  • Build campaigns
  • Use URL Builder to know exactly how users come across your page
  • Set up goals to measure conversions
To learn how to use Google Analytics, where to find data and set up advanced tracking, you can sign up for free at online Analytics Academy.


Apart from viewing your site's data in a Google Analytics dashboard, you can also set up automatic reports. You can decide which information to include in the report, who it should be sent to and how often.

Read this step-by-step guide on how to create and manage custom reports.